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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Housing for US Military in Taiwan

 Here are two of the old homes a number of our families resided in.  Photo courtesy of Scott Ellinger

I recently received a nice note from a lady in Taipei regarding the old "BOT" Housing.

She is attempting to save a some of these old homes.

There are a number of questions concerning how the Family Housing program ran.

Could you help this lady in this difficult challenge she is undertaking to preserve some of the old structures.

Here are some of the questions that have been raised: Please answer any of them you can,

1.  How did these homes come into existence?

2.  Did the US pay for their construction.

3.  How did BOT become involved?

4.  When you arrived, where did you go to secure a home?

5.  Who maintained the homes list, who determined where you could live, in which homes, in which areas, etc.?

6.  If something was broken, who did you call to fix it, who came to fix it? Was the US Navy involved in any way, shape or form?  Was the PX, NEX or any exchange shop involved in these homes?

7.  I am assuming that an office at HSA or the old MAAG compound, depending on when you were in Taipei, had some dealings with the BOT housing. How did it all fit together?

8,  What was the cost of  your home, was it based on your BAQ and COLA?

9*. (this is special)  Do you have your old Housing paperwork?  Could you send us a copy? You can eliminate your name, etc, from the document.

10.  Anything else you might know about these housing areas, BOT and HSA would help us.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and please send an email or comment below with anything you have on off base housing, no matter where you were assigned in Taiwan.

Housing is a large part of our History in Taiwan, we spent as much or more of our time in some type of housing in Taiwan than we spent at work.

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Taipei Signal Army said...

Our blog has 3 postings regarding BOT housing at three areas of Yangmingshan. Some of the questions may be answered.

Anonymous said...
This site just had an
article about this subject
and covers and lot of your questions.

Audrey Deng said...

I believe that you will get the answer when USMG returns to Taiwan in the future, maybe soon.

Audrey Deng