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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daughter Seeking Father

I received a note from Maria, who was born in Taiwan in 1968, now residing in the US.

She recently discovered that her mother’s husband, who she believed to be her natural father, was not her birth father.

Her mother passed away in 2002 without telling Maria about her natural father.

During the past few months, Maria’s family has come forth with information concerning her natural father.

She believes her father was stationed at CCK during 1966-1968, although the dates could be off somewhat.  He worked in some type of mechanic or engineer shop on the base.
 Apparently he was shipped out of CCK prior to her birth.  She understands that her natural father returned to Taiwan sometime after her birth trying to locate her mother, but her mother had married another man.  Maria left Taiwan in 1972 with her mother and new father.

Maria believes her father's name was SSgt James McFarland or McFarlane possibly.

If anyone could help Maria locate her father, please email and I will coordinate with Maria.

Maria's plight is like many others who have gone done this road.  

Had I been in Maria's shoes, I would also be searching for an unknown parent.  

It's in our spirit, to find where we came from.

Thank you for any help..

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