Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter - 50 Years Ago

Happy Easter 2009

Hsinchu MAAG Housing - taken on Easter 1959 as the children were completing their Easter Egg Hunt. I notice that some of the children from outside the compound have also enjoyed this wonderful day, chasing through the grass looking for those brightly colored eggs.

Thinking back to these children and their day in 1959, I wonder if the children of today would find the old colored eggs more fun to hunt than the plastic of today. And, the chocolate back in the day was real, not chocolate flavoured something. My how things have changed, and not for the better in my opinion. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

The menu choices from the Officer's Club "Annex" in Taipei look mouth watering and I can assure you, the food was scrumptious.

Easter Sunday, April 14, 1968

Friday, April 10, 2009

Taiwan Relations Act - 30 Years Old Today

The Taiwan Relations Act was enacted into U.S. Law some 30 years ago today.

We often hear of the act, but I would guess most of us have never read the document.

Today might be a good day to review the law.

The document is an interesting and informative read. Here it is.

The 327th Air Division History continues later this weekend.