Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Tainan Beach 1970s

A thought came to my mind while I was cleaning the Beach photos in this story.

"What a beautiful place Tainan was."

Photo courtesy George Hammett via Tainan Face Book page. 

The Security Police Barracks above, motorcycle parked on street next to door.
Look at this photo for a moment, beautiful and peaceful.


 Last year I contacted Bill Reese, a former Security Police K-9 handler at Tainan.

 Bill served at Tainan, 1971-1973. 

 Anyone remember how many "Military Dogs" were working at Tainan?

During our conversation we discussed many things about the base and what went on behind the scenes.

I'm glad I was able to contract Bill last year. Bill passed away, this March.

Today, some of the photographs Bill graciously shared with me.

These photos, taken at Tainan Beach, during what looks to be a unit party.

Anyone remember this get-together at the beach?

Please leave your thoughts below...

Very old MAAG BEACH signage.  
Was this the entrance gate to the beach in the 1950's? 
Lots of questions about this photo and what we can see.

Before Tainan became a US Air Force facility, it was part of MAAG Taiwan.

Who stood watch at this MAAG Beach guard post?

Notice the circular bulb, which was probably red colored, hanging from the upper left of roof.

Walking along the streets outside of the base, in town, you would always see red colored balls on many street corners, and a police station in close proximity. 

Same type of BEACH signage pointing the way, courtesy Tom Roberts circa 1956-58.

Turn left and drive on toward the MAAG Beach.... 
Old style wheeled lunch wagon just in front.

Cloudy day, should be a great party.

Beach club rear entrance.

Beach Club.  Look at those comfortable Beach Chairs...
All photos courtesy Bill Reese, unless noted differently.


Before the games begin...

The guys have all the goodies necessary for a fun time, beer, sodas and good food.
Notice the burgers, but, are there ribs or chicken in the cooler? 
Notice the 3 bottles of BBQ sauce on the table.

Looking across the sand toward the Beach Club buildings.

OK, move that table out of the way so we can play volleyball.

Fun, fun, fun, some one always makes one of those unbelievable digs.....

Game on-going..  Beer brake for some, change players..
Good time to get a burger and head to the lounge chairs, watch the waves and talk story...

Relax..... Pretty much have the whole place to yourself.
How much would you pay to hang-out at the beach on vacation.
No cost at Tainan, back-in-the-day for you.

More folks arriving.

Is that the cement bunker in the distance?

 This is possibly a different bunker than the photo above?

This looks like the same bunker as photo just above.

 Time to head home, a mother taking a youngster into the water as a young boy races down the beach with his hands full...

What days they were.... at Tainan.