Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

MAAG Compound then HSA West Compound

Came across this 1960 Map of the old HSA Compound.

Interesting to see again after so many years.

I know most of you were in the Compound many times during your tour.

The gasoline station would bring everyone inside, 

In the early years of MAAG, this was THE only compound.

Today's photo, taken about 9 years after we arrived in Taiwan.

Things have changed in those nine years, but everything is probably still inside this compound.

I tried to clean up the photo, lots and lots of white dust on the photo, which shows up when you scan the photo.

This is a copy someone scanned I believe, I don't have the original.

Perhaps you remember what was a special place for you or your family.

What comes to my mind, the Chapel, where many attended services.

Perhaps the Snack Bar.

How about the many small shops scattered inside?

What can you tell us about this photo, please leave your thoughts in a Comment bellow at the end of this story.

I want to point out something I noticed when cleaning the photo a few minutes ago, (it took a couple hours to work over this photo)

There appears to be a US Flag hanging from a building just where the old Club 63 was located.

Hold down the Ctrl key and then tap on the + key and the photo will enlarge.

With you mouse, push into the gate and go up the street until you see the old MAAG Sign,

Look left down the side street, one or two buildings, and see if you can notice what appears to be the US Flag draped down covering a door or window in the building. 

Enjoy, have fun looking around the old MAAG/West Compound...

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Must Read Taiwan History

I happened to run across this article linked below by chance, and found it to be very interesting.

There is so much background History on Taiwan and China and if you don't look, you won't find it.
Perhaps you are hunkering-down at home, and rather than watching television, you might find this study worth the read.

Have a peek anyway, nothing to loose.

The link link is to the book version. Open for reading, no costs involved. 

When it opens, just put your mouse pointer up on the upper right side of each page and the page will turn.

So Much History, we never knew....