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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

70th Anniversary of 14 US Airmen Executed by Japanese inside Taipei Prison **UPDATED**

The gathering took place last Saturday in Taipei, here's the story by the Taipei Times

The story linked here.

I received an Email from Michael HurstDirector of the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society.

Those of you who will be in Taipei on June 20th, should consider attending this event. 

The opening of the Chunghwa Telecom Company grounds to non-employees on June 20th for a walking tour, could very well be the only time the old prison grounds and execution area is opened to the public. 

Michael's Email......

"As many of you are aware, in 2009 the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society placed a memorial plaque on the wall of the old Taipei Prison to honour and remember the American airmen who were held there, and especially the 14 who were needlessly executed by the Japanese just 57 days before the end of the war.
     This year on Saturday June 20th – the 70th anniversary of this tragic event, we are holding another service by the old wall in remembrance again. This time however, prior to the memorial service, we will also be visiting the site – which was found last year - inside the Chunghwa Telecom compound, where the actual executions took place.
As we need to know numbers for the tour, we are asking those interested in attending to RSVP no later than Wednesday June17th by reply email if they plan to attend.
     The ceremony will be held at the site of the old north wall of the former Taipei Prison – located at Lane 44, Chinshan South Road Sec. 2, [ 金山南路2段44巷]  which is about a block south of Hsinyi Road on the west side of the street. We are asking that people assemble in front of the Chunghwa Telecom Building at 10:30 am sharp on Saturday June 20th to begin the morning activities. Following the tour, the ceremony will begin at 11:00 am and should last about 40 minutes.
     For more information please contact Michael Hurst, Director of the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society in Taipei at: .
Please see our website at for further information on the POW Society and the work we do.
We hope you will be with us for this very special service of remembrance."


 If you are not familiar with the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society, you should look through the web site.   See link above, in red color.

You are going to be very surprised on what went on, during WWII, in Japanese held Taiwan.

And, what Michael Hurst has done since the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society was established.

Remarkable achievements in honoring all POWs imprisoned in Taiwan.