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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Looking Back at Don Meyer's Hong Kong Trip in December 1956

Many of us assigned to Taiwan took advantage of the "IALP" set-aside for military members and families, to visit Hong Kong.

Can someone please decipher the abbreviation, IALP.. which you can see in the set of MAAG orders below.

I've removed "Serial Numbers" from the orders.

A reminder, in 1956, the government of Hong Kong was run by the British. 
 American Military and families were welcomed.

Don Meyer, who was featured in a previous story in this Blog, took advantage of the travel opportunities offered by MAAG Taiwan and flew into Hong Kong on 3 December 1956 aboard a MAAG Taiwan C-47 aircraft.

Here's one of MAAG Taiwan's C-47 aircraft, in this photo, resting in Hong Kong
awaiting return trip to Taipei.

I know this is Hong Kong because of the Aircraft Maintenance Shop seen in the right side of this photo, in the background, which I know is in Hong Kong.

Don only sent over 1 photo of his visit to Hong Kong, seen below.  Don said he had more, but could not locate them at the time he sent this group of photos to me.

 No one standing on the sidewalk in this photo, not typical of Hong Kong.

Here's what we have from Don's visit to Hong Kong, I hope you enjoy going through the booklet and re-acquainting yourself with Hong Kong by seeing the shop advertisements and wonderful maps.

Perhaps some of your purchases were made at one of the shops seen in the booklet.

Double Click on the photos to make them LARGER!

Booklet dated November 1956..

Just about 64 years ago.  It doesn't seem that long ago.

When did you visit Hong Kong?

My first visit, via MAAG C-47, in 1967.
You can find that story in this blog, as well as other visits to Hong Kong in later years.

The two photos above, will paste together so see how the Hong Kong Island looks from Bay View.

Just noticed that I am missing 2 photos of the booklet.

Inside the back cover and the back cover of the booklet.

I'm going to skip posting those two photos.  If you want them,  please email me:

Here's a receipt for Don's purchase of clothing from Rene Tailor..

$24.00 One Gent's Suit  
$16.00 Two Trousers
$12.00 Four Shirts
$3.00 Four Scarfs

$55.00 US

I would venture to say, just about everyone who visited Hong Kong back in the day, came back with clothing, and a suit case full of other goodies for family and parents.

Hope you enjoyed reliving those days we had, be it Taiwan, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Japan, or where every you visited, they were exciting days for sure.

Memories all and happy days they were.


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Cornwell said...

Thanks for Don Meyer's kind contribution.
TY Lee Co. Ltd was a very famous jewellery shop in 50's to 60's. It was dissolved in 1974.
For the picture of Rikki's restaurant (Russian), please follow this link:

I remembered Swindon Book Co as my Dad brought me there for some reading 30 years ago. They having been in business since 1918 and occupying their iconic two-floor store on Lock Road for over 50 years. Unfortunately it closed last year during COVID-19 pandemics.

The 92-year-old Jimmy's kitchen was also closed last year. I once had Christmas dinner with my family since I got my first job.