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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kaohsiung Port Call in the Summer of 1954 - Part 2

Country Estate
This estate is located in a rural area outside Kaohsiung.  We were invited to have tea here with the Mayor of Kaohsiung. He led us on a tour to a school that educated Aborigine children.
It surprised me that there were still Aborigines living in the interior mountains where no one dared enter.
Let's move into the city of Kaohsiung to see some street scenes from 1954...

Kaohsiung Shopping
Street scene in Kaohsiung, lined with shops and full of shoppers. September 1954.
Kaohsiung Streetscene
This is another street scene in Kaohsiung. I was meandering around town snapping pictures here and there  I have no recollection of exactly where this was taken. (1954)
Ox Cart
Ox carts such as this were common sights in Taiwan in 1954.
Hauling Materials
Kaohsiung StreetsceneAn Ox Cart convoy – looks like they are hauling bags of cement.
Another 1954 Kaohsiung street scene.
Officers' Club
The roof top of this building hosted the Officers' Club, which was used by the US Navy and US Army MAAG troops stationed in the area.
The second and third floors were NCO and enlisted personnel clubs.
Tainan Streetscene
This photo taken next door to the Officer’s Club located on the roof. 
Kaohsiung Rooftops
This is a view from the rooftop Officers' Club in Kaohsiung.Can someone identify those 2 radio towers in the distance.  Thank you.
Now we’ll move out of Kaohsiung northward toward Tainan.
Tomb of a King
We were told that this is the tomb of a king. To us, its design was new and exotic, unlike anything we had seen before, although it did remind us somewhat of the Tiger Balm Pagoda in Hong Kong.
Tainan Siesta
We (USS Tolovana AO-64) are in Kaohsiung supporting four Destroyers.
Some of us took a little sight seeing trip to historical Tainan, the first capital of Taiwan. As we entered a compound of Buddhist monks I saw this guy resting here and snapped off a shot.
Monastery Gateway
I am looking back at the gateway we just came through on our way to look around this monastery.
Monastery Courtyard
Courtyard of the monastery we visited in Tainan.
Laundry Day
Laundry day at the monastery.
Laundry Day
This, we were told, is a monk doing laundry beside a well . . . inside the monastery.
Tainan Park This is a park below the monastery we visited.
Tainan Neighborhood
This is a view from a monastery in Tainan, Taiwan showing the rooftops of the clustered houses below and the bay beyond.
Catching Shade
A house and yard in Tainan near the monastery we visited.
Pill Box This pill box was in the yard of a monastery in Tainan, Taiwan in 1954
This pill box was in the yard of a monastery in Tainan. No doubt a left over from Japanese rule, which ended in 1945.
Many more photographs from David Putnam in our next post.
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max2 said...

Thank you for the great sharing. The images and stories you have are awesome and valuable.

Anonymous said...

was 2 years old when you vist Kaoshiung. I used lived by the harbour, these photos do bring back my memories of my birth place and the city, thank you

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About photo #17,now looks like this photo: