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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Return to Taiwan in 2011 - UPDATED

We are thinking about sponsoring a 10-14 day tour of Taiwan in 2011.

We would spend a few days in Taipei on arrival. Give everyone an opportunity to see the old sites in the Taipei area.

Then travel down island to see Haualien, Taroko Gorge,
Taitung, Oluanpi, Kenting, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, Sun Moon Lake and back to Taipei for a day before leaving for our homes.

If there is interest in a visit to Tainan AB and CCK AB it could possibly be arranged.

If you are interested in a trip let us know how many would be in your party, couples or singles, so we can work with some numbers and come up with a firmer cost factor.

We are all getting older and there may never be another opportunity to relive our fond memories of our times spent in Taiwan.

Next year will be the 100th year anniversary of the Republic of China. The big celebration will occur on 10 October 2011, 'Double Ten Day.'

The trip excluding air fare to and from Taiwan will run around $100-150 US per person per day, ball park and will include Hotel and bus transportation and guide.

The only out of pocket expense will be food, souvenirs and miscellaneous. Food will probably run somewhere around $30-40 US per day per person.

The final cost will be determined once we have a somewhat indication of how many we are working with. Cost will be reduced for couples.

If we go forward with this, the time frame will be in
November 2011. This is the best weather in Taiwan as the Typhoon season is over, temperatures and humidity have dropped, much more comfortable weather. The 4th of July 2010, Taipei had a record high of 102.5 with humidity of 95%. You will definitely suffer in that type of weather.

Let us know your feelings on returning to Taiwan with us in November 2011.

Our trip last September was great, you can't imagine the stories that flowed throughout the trip and the laughter and joy it brought to our hearts, not to mention the fun of it all. A bunch of old folks walking around and just enjoying the sights and sounds, reliving the old days and having a great time with others that were in Taiwan themselves.

Can you come with us?

UPDATE - 4 August 2010----

We have received questions regarding spending a few more days in Taiwan before, or after our trip dates..

Certainly you are welcome to spend time in Taiwan or you may want to visit other Asian cities before or after our trip. We can arrange for you to stay at our Taipei hotel for those extra days if you would like. The free "Tourist Visa" you receive at the airport on arrival in Taiwan is good for 30 days.

In addition to our around the island itinerary, we hope to visit the old Club 63 for dinner one of the evenings we are in Taipei. We had dinner at the old club on our 2009 trip and everyone enjoyed visiting the old club again. Today, it is a beautiful and modern club serving the International Business Community.

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From Taipei, Tsi Gen......


titojohn said...


Eva and I are very interested in again going on another Taiwan trip down memory lane with you and the gang.

John Quinn

Victor said...

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything I can help in TW. I live in a small town nearby Sun Moon Lake.

Anonymous said...


I can help with arranging visits to the bases. As well, I can help with be a tour guide.


Anonymous said...

Would be interested in future Taiwan trips. I was stationed at HSA 1961-1964.
Vacationed in Sun Moon Lake and stayed at the Teacher's Hostel.

Don said...


Please keep me posted on this trip. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'd very much like to join the group this time around.

Don Wiggins

George said...

If Don is going, then I am definitely in for the trip!!

Don said...

George, I'm afraid I changed my mind...again. Who says only women are allowed to change their minds anyway? ;-)

But it sounds like the guys are putting together a really great trip and I'd certainly encourage you to go. I'll of course be publicizing it on my blog as their plans develop over the next few months.


Jenny Lee said...

Please do come to visit the Yangmingshan Shanzaihou U.S. Military Housing, November is the best time to enjoy the cool air and the hot spring up here.
Maybe you can get the Taiwan Bank, to provide you some resource through the foreign affair service; after all, all housing projects were financed by the US. during war time. Also, do let AIT know your plan, they should also provide you a lot of help too.

George said...


Are you certain you won't be coming? As I saw somewhere else mentioned by others: "We are all getting older now and should take advantage of this while we still are in good health." Besides, I wanted to meet you in person as I enjoy your USTDC blog so much.


titojohn said...

I was just sitting here thinking to myself about how nice it would be if we could meet up with some of the people (military or civilian) that may have worked/interacted with us at the various bases/facilities. I don't have a clue on how to accomplish such a meeting, but I sure would enjoy meeting some of them. I'm sure many are long gone, as we all will be sooner or later. :)
John Quinn
USTDC 1963-64 and 1966-1968