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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chiayi Air Base Open House

Chiayi Air Base hosted an "Open House" on Saturday, 12 October 2008.
My good friend Gene Hirte provided these photos.

If you have Google Earth, type in these coordinates 23° 27' 42" N 120° 23' 34" E for a close up look view of Chiayi Air Base. Don't have Google Earth? You can download the program
here. Take the free download.

Chiayi Air Base has been in use many years. I suspect it was build by the Japanese, although I can find no documents on the Internet to it's history. There is mention of two or three US aviation units deploying to Chiayi during the 1950's.

I am told that there were "non MAAG" US personnel assigned to Chiayi in the 1960's and 1970's.

If anyone has information on Chiayi, please let me know and I will post an Update.

Update: Be sure to see these very old photographs of Chiayi, posted below.

Looks like Base Operations

A favorite, the C-130H

An AT-3 The paint probably indicates this aircraft is used for training new pilots.

IDF ? I have no other information on this bird. Can someone help identify this aircraft.

An F-16

Quite an impressive line-up of fighters

The T-34C

An anti-aircraft missile carrier

An anti-aircraft missile vehicle in the process of deploying into the firing position.

Fully deployed and in position.

Many thanks to all of the Chiayi Air Base personnel who worked so hard on this Sunday in October hosting the Open House.
The Taiwan Military IS strong and ready for any contingency!
Thanks Chiayi.....


Anonymous said...

It is an IDF. But in Taiwan its formal designation is F-CK-1

Anonymous said...

Chiayi Air Base in 1950:

Joe Chang said...

Yep, that's the infamous I Don't Fly (IDF). A product created by Taiwan CSIST during the cold war period (no country would sell advanced fighter jets to Taiwan in the 80's).