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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

History of the US Air Force in Taiwan - 1968


1 January.      The 6214th Support Group was redesignated Hq 6214th Air Base Group per PACAF SO G-217, 28 November 1967.

1 January.      The 6213th Support Squadron was redesignated the 6213th Air Base Squadron per PACAF SO G-217, 28 November 1967.

4 January.      6217th Combat Support Group Food Service Activity was presented the PACAF Outstanding Food Service Award for 1967.

5 January.      The buoy at CCK AB area was declared Operational after being out of service since 22 October 1967.

18 January.    A Host Tenant Support Agreement was signed between 6987th Security Group and 6213th Air Base Squadron.

22 January.    The 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron received an Outstanding Performance rating in the munitions area for 1967 from CINCPAC.

24 January.    The floating hose to the buoy at CCK was broken six inches from the camlock.  (Editor: Camlocks are used to rapidly connect and disconnect  hose.

26 January.    The 6214th Air Base Group shipped its EAGLE package to Korea.

31 January.    A permanent Post Office building was opened at CCK AB.

2 February.    The 4220th Air Refueling Squadron, Strategic Air Command (SAC) was activated at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base per SAC SO G-14, 23 January 1968.

5 February.    327th Air Division, Programmed Actions Directive 68-1 was developed and approved.  This directive governed the phase-down and closure of Chiayi Air Base.

5 February.    GLASS KEY procedures in the AOC were approved by CAF.

15 February.  The CCK RAPCON was approved by joint USAF/CAF/CCAA agreement to operate in a test status.  It began operation on 29 February 1968.

18 February.  The Mobile RAPCON AN/MPN-14 at CCK AB was commissioned on 30 October 1967 and began operating as an approach control system this date.  6 hours later, it became a fixed GCA operation due to land-line difficulties with off base agencies. 

23 February.  The SS JASMEONA discharged 166,674 barrels of its cargo in marginal weather conditions.  This caused the mooring lines to part and subsequently caused extensive damage to the floating hose, hose lifting gear and buoy mooring collar.  The buoy was inoperative again.

26 February – 21 March.  A special CINCPAC Team arrived in Taipei to assist in repairing the CCK AB buoy and establishing operational and maintenance capabilities for sustained operation.  The team, accompanied by a 327th Air Division representative proceeded to CCK AB and immediately went into operation.  These operations included (a) repair the buoy, (b) establish tanker mooring procedures, (c) establish most suitable boat launch requirements, (d) determine most feasible alternate emergency resupply method and (e) establish best organizational structure.  The team remained in 21 March 1968.

28 February.  An Operation Commando Wallop meeting was held at CCK AB.

1 March.         The 6217th Combat Support Group Safety Office at CCK AB was presented the Thirteenth Air Force Semi-Annual Safety Plaque for outstanding flight, explosive and ground accident prevention during the last half of 1967.

6 March.         CINCPACAF conducted the first emergency evacuation exercise at 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, Tainan AB and rated the unit outstanding.

9 March.         The 6217th Combat Support Group, CCK AB was notified it had won the Thirteenth Air Force Semi-Annual Support Unit Safety Plaque.

11 March.       A new hose was connected to the CCK buoy and the tanker MS NORSKE BARDE discharged her cargo of 71,899 barrels.  During this operation USAF personnel were trained in Seamanship by US Navy personnel assigned to the CINCPAC team.  Maintenance personnel helped located the deficiencies at the booster station.

17 March.       SS EAGLE TRAVELER was moored to the CCK buoy and discharged 138,912 barrels of fuel.  This operation was performed with members of the CINCPAC team advising on new established operating procedures.  The JP-4 fuel complex at CCK AB was full for the first time.

25 March.       The CINCPAC Assistance Team for the CCK Buoy departed CCK AB and Taiwan.

28 March.       327th Air Division POL personnel attended a meeting held at CAF Headquarters to discuss the use of the CAF pipeline system for JP-4 support at CCK AB.

1 – 15 April.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise FORMER CHAMP.

1 April.            327th Air Division Civil Engineering took over the function of the USAF Regional Civil Engineer, (AFRCE/Taiwan) Taipei, Taiwan.

1 April.            The Accounting and Finance function which had been assigned to the 6213th Air Base Squadron was transferred to Comptroller, 327th Air Division.    

2 April.            The Chinese Air Force (CAF) and USAF signed an agreement which authorized C-130 training privileges on Taiwan for an indefinite period of time. 

15 April.          Detachment 2, 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, Chiayi Air Base was discontinued.

16 April.          AOC, 327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

21 April – 2 May.  Navy VP Detachment (TU 72.2.2) was activated at Tainan Air Base.

26 April.          The 6217th Combat Support Group Base Procurement Office, CCK AB, was selected as a Thirteenth Air Force representative for PACAF Best Procurement Office, Fiscal Year 1968.

2 May. A conference was held at Taipei Air Station to ascertain the time remaining before the CCK Laundry could take inputs.

3 May. Major General CHOW Shih-lin, Republic of China Air Force, accepted the mobile control tower rebuild by Chinese and American volunteers at CCK AB.

25 May.          A 70-man dormitory costing US $44,400 was completed at Tainan Air Base.

31 May.          A Clothing Sale Store costing US $16,000 was completed at Tainan Air Base.

12 June.         A PACAF Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) team conducted a Readiness Inspection of the 6214th Air Base Group Security Police at Tainan Air Base and rated it outstanding.

13 June.         A PACAF capability team conducted a disaster preparedness exercise at the 6214th Air Base Group, Tainan Air Base, and rated the unit satisfactory.

14 June.         A conference was held by all units to learn procedures in use of the CCK Laundry.

15 June.         A PACAF team conducted a capability inspection of the 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, Tainan Air Base, and rated the unit satisfactory.

24 June.         A POL conference was held at Tainan Air Base to discuss and establish procedures for issuing and accounting for aviation fuel to industrial contract agencies at Air America.

28 June.         6214th Air Base Group received a HARVEST EAGLE kit.

July.                 There were 4,732 US Air Force personnel assigned to units on Taiwan.

July.                 A 2,000 line auto dial telephone exchange was installed at CCK AB.

1 July.             PRIME 69 was functional at CCK AB.  Conversion had begun on 29 June and was completed this date. (Editor: probably something to do with computer upgrade)

1 July.             The 6217th Combat Support Group Deputy Commander for Materiel, CCK AB, was redesignated Deputy Commander for POL and Terminal Operations.

8 July.             Detachment 53, 1st Weather Wing at Taipei AS was redesignated as Operating Location (OL) 4, 1st Weather Wing per Military Airlift Command (MAC) SO G-109, 29 May 1968.

8 – 13 July.     Thirteenth Air Force Inspector General (IG) Team inspected the 327th Air Division and 6213th Air Base Squadron.

14 July.           One cocooned H-19 Helicopter and associated equipment arrived at CCK AB for duty.

15 July.           The 6215th Support Squadron, Chiayi Air Base, was discontinued per Hq PACAF SO G-62, 15 March 1968.  The unit existed for a period of three years and eight days.  It was a unit of the 6214th Air Base Group, Tainan AB.  Upon its discontinuance, the 327th Air Division maintained a storage area at this Chinese Air Base under the supervision of the 6214th Air Base Group.

15 July.           Taipei Air Operations Center (AOC) assumed full control jurisdiction of Airway RED 71. (Editor:  Concerns aircraft flight altitude coordination, etc.)

15 July.           A Water Port Liaison Officer, Operating Location AC (OLAC) was established at Pier 10, Kaohsiung.  This US Air Force representative was required to monitor, expedite, observe, render reports and handle cargo at the port.  Thirteenth Air Force furnished personnel from their resources.

20 July.           Thirteenth Air Force established and directed the 327th Air Division to operate an Airlift Clearance Authority, Operating Location AA (OLAA) at the CCK Air Base Air Freight Terminal.  The mission was to monitor all US Air Force cargo moving into the airlift system and act as a contact point for all services and the airlift system.

22 July.           A civilian classification survey was conducted at CCK AB.  This was the first one that had been accomplished at this base.

23 July.           327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

30 July.           A typhoon that passed near Tainan Air Base caused damage of a few fallen trees.

1 August.        The Taipei Air Station MARS station was moved from the transmitter site to building P-8, Taipei Air Station.

1 August.        The USAF Postal and Courier Service opened the Aerial Mail Terminal at CCK AB.

6 August.        Sixteen Chinese Nationalist employees were honored for ten years’ service with American forces at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base.

14 August.      The CAF and USAF signed a Joint Agreement on technical facilities and modification of facilities use in the Operation of the Control Tower at CCK AB.

17 August.      Hong Kong Influenza, a strain of the 1967 Asian Flu invaded Tainan Air Base.  There were 76 reported cases.

20 August.      Air Traffic Controllers at Operating Location AC, O Laun Pi began limited daylight operations (0730-1700 hours.)

20 August.      327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

21 August.      Colonel William R. Grady assumed command of the 6214th Air Base Group at Tainan Air Base.

24 August.      327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

1 September.  The Supply Function of Tainan AB began operating as Detachment 1, 6217th Supply Squadron, CCK AB.  This unit had delayed in organization as it originally was to commence operation on 15 July 1967 per Hq PACAF SO G-95, 2 June 1967.

17 September.  327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

17 September.  A newly constructed Post Office at Tainan Air Base was opened.

21 September.  A new buoy was accepted at CCK AB.  The old buoy was towed to Keelung where it was to be dry-docked for overhauling.

24 September.  The new buoy and undersea hoses were tested at the CCK AB Buoy area with the off-loading of the tanker ULLA.

25 September.   An agreement was made between CCK AB and Taichung Municipal Police Headquarters to render aid to each other in case of fire in designated areas.

25 September.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

28 September.   Typhoon ELAINE dumped approximately 19 inches of rain on the Taipei area.  Over eight inches fell from 4:00 PM to 12:00 PM, 30 September 1968, (approximately one inch each hour.)  Tainan had seven inches and CCK AB had two inches of rain during this period.

1 October.      The USAF/CAF pipeline interconnect was tested with approximately 100,000 gallons of JP-4 fuel.  The fuel was pumped from Kaohsiung through nine pump stations to the USAF POL Tank Farm at CCK AB.

3 October.      A POL Conference was held at Taipei Air Station to review current and future programs affecting resupply, receipt, storage and issue of aviation fuels and related ground products.  Discussion covered USAF/CAF pipeline interconnect, 3,000 barrel tank for Sung Shan Air Base and agreements between USAF/CAF not covered by SOFA.

10 October.    Detachment 1, 6217th Supply Squadron at Tainan AB won the Thirteenth Air Force Quarterly EMO Award for 3rd Quarter, 1 July – 30 Sep 1968.

12 October.    Colonel Albert W. Jones replaced Colonel Lyle D. Lutton as Commander of the 314th Tactical Fighter Wing at CCK AB.

18 October.    The CAF and USAF signed a Joint Agreement on providing Weather Services to US Military Units stationed on or operating through CAF bases and facilities.

20 October.    Operating Location AA (OLAA) 327th Air Division at Shihmen was relocated at Sung Shan Air Base, Taipei pending a move to Gold Mountain. It became operational on 1 December 1968.

20 October.    A Letter of Agreement was signed between the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing of CAF, Tainan and USAF on procedures to be used in the control of IFR/Fighter/Interceptor aircraft at Tainan Air Base. 

21 October.    Dining Hall #2 at CCK AB was closed due to excess dining capacity.  On 16 November, the facility was re-opened as a temporary Officer’s Club.

22 October.    A LARK exercise was conducted by CAF with 327th Air Division AOC participating.

26 October.    327th Air Division AOC participated in a BLUE SKY exercise.

28 October – 2 November.  Thirteenth Air Force Inspector General (IG) Team inspected the 327th Air Division’s five Operating Locations (ADOT) (Editor: Can someone decipher ADOT please.)

November.     A CH-46 helicopter was airlifted to CCK AB from Southeast Asia (SEA) aboard a 314th Tactical Airlift Wing C-130E aircraft.  This was a test tun to see if it was economically feasible to carry the helicopters by C-130 aircraft instead of C-141 aircraft.

November.  A Department of Defense (DOD) Contract Team visited Taiwan.  They were interested in all Service Contracts over US $10,000 dollars.

1 November.  The 324th Tactical Airlift Wing (TAW) at CCK AB was assigned to the 327th Air Division per PACAF SO G-245, 4 October 1968.  The 6217th Combat Support Group was relieved from 327th Air Division and assigned to the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing.  Assigned to the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing were three airlift squadrons, the 50th, 345th and 776th.  In addition, the Wing had the 314th Armament & Electronics Squadron (A&ES) and the 314th Field Maintenance (FM) Squadron. The 6217th USAF Hospital was also assigned.  Other functions of the 6217th Combat Support Group (CSG) at CCK AB were transferred to the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing were, Information, Safety, Munitions, Tip Tank Maintenance and Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL.)

1 November.  Two new water wells, Well C and Well D, were placed in operation at CCK AB.  Water was pumped from Well C at a rate of 450 gallons per minute and Well D at a rate of 650 gallons per minute.

1 November.  The UH-19B Sikorsky Helicopter which arrived at CCK AB in July 1968, was first clown this date from CCK AB.

10 November.  The initial lead of the Tainan AB Repair Cycle Items records were placed into the CCK AB UNIVAC 1050II Computer.  This was the beginning of the remote supply system of the Tainan Air Base Supply Account.

12 November.  A Chinese Air Force Headquarters Building at CCK AB was officially opened and turned over to the CAF by USAF.  Its cost was US $20,400 and contained 3,000 square feet of floor space.

19 November. 327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

20 November.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

20 November.  A new Chapel was completed and opened at CCK AB.

28 November.  New Bowling lanes at CCK AB opened with 10 automatic pin setters.  Also included was a snack bar.

28 November.  A Small Arms Range at CCK AB was completed.  It had a capacity of 50 firing stands.

29 November.  The 523rd Tactical Fighter Squadron evacuated Clark Air Base to Tainan Air Base because of a typhoon threat.  At Tainan AB, they were supported mainly by Detachment 1, 405th Fighter Wing.

29 November.  The 1.5 ton LOX (Liquid Oxygen source) generating plant at Tainan Air Base was placed in operation.

1 December.    The precision measurement equipment laboratory (PMEL) 314th Field Maintenance Squadron was transferred to 314th Armament & Electronics Squadron (A&ES.)

12 December.   327th Air Division AOC participated in a LARK Air Defense Exercise.

12-13 December.  A Joint, petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) conference was held between CAF and USAF.

16 December.   Tip tanks fell from a F-105 aircraft undergoing maintenance in the Air Asia Compound at Tainan AB, causing a fire, which damaged two F-105s. 

17 December.  327th Air Division AOC participated in a LARK Air Defense Exercise.

18 December.  An agreement was signed between ROC and USG dealing with Chinese drivers, mechanics and dispatchers.

18 December.  An Agreement was approved between CAF and USAF on re-supply methods, concerning time, notification and amounts of fuel via the upgraded CAF interconnect pipeline.

20 December.  The Base Education Center opened at CCK AB.  It had four general purpose classrooms, a testing room, language facilities and office space.

21 December.  The Bob Hope USO Show (Operation Holly) was transported on three C-130E aircraft of the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing.  Crews came from the 50th, 345th and 776th Tactical Airlift Squadrons at CCK AB.

26 December.  A tactical airlift training exercise was conducted at the CCK AB Drop Zone.  The exercise consisted of an airdrop of Special Forces Elements, Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES) drop, assault landing, speed off-load and a maximum effort takeoff.  Viewers were Republic of China Minister of National Defense, CHAING Ching-kuo, 327th Air Division Commander, Brigadier General Chase and other Chinese officials.

31 December.  6214th Air Base Group won the Thirteenth Air Force Quarterly Base Fuels Award for the fourth quarter, calendar year 1968 (4th Qtr CY 68.)

31 December.  The 314th Tactical Airlift Wing flying time for the 4th Qtr CY 68 was 19,257.8 hours.  Total sorties were 18,177, of which 12,699 were combat sorties.

Big changes continued at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base. New and better support activities, new buildings, everyone was settling in. 

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