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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bend With The Wind - 1960 Booklet for Wives

This booklet turned up in one of my file cabinet drawers recently, I don't remember it.

The booklet was prepared by the American Embassy with the cooperation of the DOD and US Information Service in Taipei, dated May 1960.  The booklet was probably published as a result of after action reports relating to the serious typhoons which ravaged Taiwan in 1959 causing many deaths and flooding.

 The booklet was tailored toward wives and families.

...."This booklet has been prepared to let you know the best thing to do if some emergency occurs and your husband is too busy at his job to help you."

"In the event of some kind of emergency, you can use this booklet as a folder for those papers you will want to carry with you.  It has been designed to fit the average lady's handbag."   

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Hang on to that stock of bamboo......

That's the booklet.  It was printed 52 years ago.  My God, are we getting old or what?

But, most of the booklet is current, things don't change that much.

Do you have a booklet or photos from Taiwan.

I would be happy to post them right here on the blog.

Please email me with your thoughts.

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