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Saturday, February 18, 2012

History of US Air Force in Taiwan - 1963


January.          The MARS station at Taipei Air Station became operational on 14832 KCS.

7 – 9 January.  Aircraft from Kadena AB Okinawa were used in checking Taiwan Air Defense.  BLUE EAGLE exercise.

7 February.    A Taipei Air Station Teen Club was established and a full time director hired.

14 February.  US Taiwan AOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

15 February.  The official b-weekly six page photo offset newspaper for Tainan Air Station, the TAINAN TIMES, began publication using appropriated funds.  A1C Donald P. Cormiae was first editor.      

20-27 February.  The 510th Tactical Fighter Squadron was supported by Detachment 1, 6214th Air Base Group, Kung Kuan AB, during its deployment to Taiwan.

21 February.  405th Fighter Wing aircraft deployed to Kung Kuan AB for participation in SKY SOLDIER III.

23 – 26 February.  Exercise SKY SOLDIER/TIEN BING III. Conducted on Taiwan.

6 March – 30 April.  The VMF 114, VMF 542 and VMF 235 of the 1st Marine Air Group-II from Japan deployed to Ping Tung, and participated in BLUE EAGLE exercise.  While on Taiwan these units were under the control of US Taiwan JOC.

11 March.       The 6214th Air Base Group presented the Tainan Fire Department with 7,000 gallons of fire fighting foam in an official ceremony.  The foam valued at approximately $8,000 no longer met certain Air Force specifications for aircraft fires, but was usable for other types.

13 March.       The 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron was supported by Detachment 1, 6214th Air Base Group at Kung Kuan AB for its deployment to Taiwan.

13 March – 13 April.  A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ROC and US on the construction of a Military Integrated Communications System.

15 March.       US Taiwan JOC and Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) battle staff participated in Thirteenth Air Force Exercise NEWBOY II.

1 April.            US Taiwan JOC issued letter on clearance procedures into Taiwan.

18 April.          US Taiwan JOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

1 – 15 May.    The Commander’s Radio Net for the 6214th Support Squadron was installed (leased contract) with one base station, eight fixed stations and one mobile station.

5 May. Lt General T.S, Moorman, PACAF Vice Commander, Brig. General G.E. Pinkston, Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) Commander and others visited Taipei Air Station.

15 May.          US Taiwan JOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

23 May.          CAF and ATF Thirteen (P) signed an agreement known as the USAF-CAF Bulk Aviation on Fuel Losses Agreement.

27 May – 21   June.   Brigadier General G.E. Pinkston, Commander, Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) departed on temporary duty to Thailand for the purpose of performing duty as chief of staff for exercise DHANARAJATA.

4 June.            Agreement was signed between 6214th Air Base Group and Detachment 1, Air Procurement Region, Far East for all administrative and logistical support for this unit.

17 June.         115 cadets and five officers from the USAF Academy arrived at Kung Shan Chinese Air Force Academy, 13 miles south of Tainan Air Base, aboard two C-130s for a one day visit.  The cadets were treated to a demonstration of precision flying by the Chinese Air Force Thundertiger jets.  The group also spent two days in Taipei area.

28 June.         Colonel Dudley P. Eaton was presented with a gold key to the City of Tainan by the Mayor, Hsin Wen-ping, for his outstanding cooperation with the local government during his two year tour.  The only other key from this mold was presented to the King of Thailand.

1 July.             There were 2,160 Air Force personnel assigned to units on Taiwan.

1 July.             The 6214th Air Base Group and the 6214th Air Police Squadron were inactivated.  The 6213th and 6214th Support Squadrons were attached to Air Task Force Thirteen (P) Det 1, 6214th Support Squadron at Kung Kuan AB was designated and organized.  The 6212th Unit Dispensary was attached to 6213th Support Squadron.  The 6211th Unit Dispensary was attached to 6214th Support Squadron per PACAF SO G-36, 5 Jun 63.  Det 6, Thirteenth Air Force was discontinued at Kaohsiung per PACAF SO 25, 11 Apr 63.

1 July.             Upon discontinuance of the 6214th Air Base Group at Tainan Air Station, the Comptroller Office was moved to Taipei Air Station leaving the budget, accounting and finance and statistical services activities at Tainan Air Station.  Also moved were the staff civil engineer office and staff procurement office.  The staff surgeon was assigned as additional duty to 6212th USAF Dispensary, Tainan Air Station per PACAF SO G-37, 6 Jun 63.

13 July.           Typhoon WENDY hit Tainan and knocked out the electrical distribution system.

2 August.        Lt Col Robert M. Robinson assumed command of 6214th Support Squadron vice Maj Edwin H. Shuman relieved per 6214th Spt Sq SO G-1, 2 Aug 63.

19 August.      509th Fighter Interceptor Squadron aircraft deployed to Kung Kuan AB in support of Thirteenth Air Force OPLAN 250-63, BIG TRUCK.

19 August.      Defense training exercise BIG TRUCK conducted on Taiwan.

31 August.      General Jacob E. Smart, PACAF Commander, visited Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) and other units on the island of Taiwan.

4 September.  A study of the Redistribution and Marketing Interservice Support Agreement between the Navy and Air Force was completed.  Outcome was Air Force would continue to process and conduct all sales on Taiwan.

11 September.  Typhoon GLORIA hit Taiwan.  It was the most devastating storm to visit northern end of the island during recorded weather history.   Dependent personnel were housed in hotels due to flood damage to their homes.

21 September.  The 658th Tactical Hospital deployed to Tainan Air Station for seven days in a field training exercise.

28 September.          US Taiwan AOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

1 October.      Centralization of Accounting and Finance functions on Taiwan took place at Tainan Air Station.

7 – 11 October.  Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) participated in world wide command post exercise KEY CHAIN.

10 October.    Sixteen USAF and 16 USN aircraft participated in a fly-by on Double Tenth Day in Taiwan.

10 October.    The Accounting and Finance Office was inactivated on 30 September and a Disbursing Agent was established this date at Tainan AS.    Shu Linkou AS became the Accounting and Finance Office for USAF in Taiwan.  The agent was responsible for military pay and travel function.  The Air Attaché was Disbursing Agent for Taipei.

18 October.   Aircraft from 405th Fighter Wing and 18th Tactical Fighter Wing arrived at Kung Kuan AB for participation in SKY SOLDIER IV.

18 – 26 October.  Joint airborne defensive training exercise SKY SOLDIER/TIEN BING IV. was held on Taiwan.  It involved ground and air force personnel from the ROC and US.

November.     TASK-22, US Army plan for consolidating all DCS facilities on Taiwan under the supervision of US Army was phased into effect.

1 November.  Work and shuttle bus service was established to provide official transportation to all US Military personnel in the Taipei area.

26 November.  Joint Sino-American Defense Training Maneuvers was conducted at Sung Shan Air Base.  It was to evaluate training, equipment, maintenance and combat effectiveness of field units.  BIG DIPPER Exercise.

27 November.  Aircraft of 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron arrived at Kung Kuan AB in support of operation BIG TRUCK.

30 November.  Tainan AB Supply was “Best in Thirteenth Air Force” for period, 1 December 1962 to 30 November 1963.

1 – 3 December.  General Curtis E. LeMay, Chief of Staff, US Air Force, visited Taipei Air Station and the US Ambassador to China.

6 December. The US Taiwan Joint Operating Center (JOC) was redesignated the US Operation Center, Taiwan, ROC (AOC) per TDCI 003120.1, 6 Dec 63.

6 December. Shu Linkou AS became responsible for the military pay performed by agents at other military activities.  Agent still paid payday roll in cash. Travel vouchers were paid by the disbursing office.

15 – 16 December.  Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) was host to the 9999th Reserve Squadron which visited Taiwan.

17 – 19 December.  US Taiwan AOC participated in exercise LIBERTY HEAD.

18 December.  US Taiwan AOC participated in exercise BLUE SKY.

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