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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More In and Around Taipei - 1974

MORE photos from George Lane, who worked for STRATCOM and USACC, visited Taiwan on a number of occasions, taking these and other photographs.

Please help us identify these photos, your ideas on location and comments are welcomed.


Wheels down for Sung Shan.

Location?  Corner of Chongqing North Road and Minzu East Road

Sung Shan tarmac, lots of smog today.

Notice the C-54 parked on the left. There are 3 blue horizontal lines around the tail. 
I can't read the lettering.

Looks like a TWA flight is taking off.

Anyone know this location.

The street where you can see the bus is probably Minquan West Road

The large red Tatung sign, Chung Shan North Road must be just below the signage.

Looks like one of the HSA Hostels,  just to the left of the Grand Hotel.


North Coast?

Same Hotel

Long walk from the Hotel


Green Lake


Mountain top Temples.


Same Beach, where?

Next Train to Alishan, at Chiayi station.

Chiayi in the distance

Beautiful Taiwan...

Moving up the mountains toward Alishan.

Is that a mango tree just to the left over the rail car?

Thank you again to George Lane for sharing his photographs.

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Anonymous said...

the forth picture
old shuang lien(雙連) RR station
looking south

Twan Ou said...

The hotel was Jinshan (Oceanview?) hotel

Anonymous said...'s the Culture University on top of the mountain..not a temple.