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Monday, February 27, 2012

History of the US Air Force in Taiwan - 1967


1 January.      The 327th Air Division had the following number of authorized and assigned personnel:   

                               January 1967                         December 1965

                        Officer   Airman   Civilian     Officer   Airman  Civilian           
Authorized:        341       2,028           631          240        1,889         801
Assigned:          567       3,320           675          226        1,841         712

                        Total Assigned:  4,562           Total Assigned:  2,819

(Editor:  No years were typed on the original copy of above personnel listing, therefore, I am going to assume, the numbers were for calendar year 1966, which had just ended.)

 1 January.      6214th Support Group assumed responsibility for operation and logistical support of Department of Defense (DOD) schools in southern Taiwan.

1 January.      The Food Service Section, Taipei Air Station, began its operation with the breakfast meal.  Eight girls were hired to wait and buss tables and they were paid by charging each airman who subsisted in the dining hall $1.50 each month.

1 January.      All Department of Defense dependent schools on the island of Taiwan administered by the US Navy were transferred to the US Air Force.  DOD schools at Tainan, Chiayi and Tsoying were made the responsibility of Tainan Air Base.

4 January.      The 327th Air Division participated in Chinese Exercise KUN CHIU.

13 January.    Four CAF aircraft shot down two Communist MIG-19 aircraft over water northeast of Kinmen (Quemoy.)

13 January.    Tainan Air Base received its first inflatable warehouse.

15 -17 January.  PACAF Management Inspection Team was at CCK AB.

17 January.    327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

25 January.    Brigadier General Pitts presided at a ceremony to open the Medical Supply facility at CCK AB.  This was the first component to be opened of a planned 60 bed hospital-medical complex.

1 February.    The 6217th Combat Support Group occupied its new Base Headquarters at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base.

3 February.    The 6214th Support Group Clothing Sales Store was named, Best in Thirteenth Air Force, for the fourth quarter, Fiscal Year 1966.

8 February.    The NCO Open Mess kitchen at CCK AB began operation.

12 February.  6217th Service Squadron (Food Services) won the Hennessy Trophy in PACAF competition for 1966.  It was nominated for the USAF Hennessy Trophy.

14 February.  Action to obtain land for the Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants (POL) Farm and right of way to the Buoy at CCK AB was started 2 September 1966 and finalized this date.

20 February.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

21 February.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

28 February.  Two MAAG pilots at Tainan Air Base safely landed a Chinese Air Force T-33 aircraft after a power failure at 22,000 feet.

1 March.         A Military Support Agreement between the 1st Fighter Wing, CAF, and 6214th Support Group to establish procedures during training exercises and actual disaster situations was signed.

1 March.         A Memorandum of Agreement between the CAF and USAF on the use of Ching Chuan Kang Air Base and Hu Kou Armor Training Center for Heavy Equipment Paradrop Training by USAF units was signed.

3 March.         327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

5 March.         Lieutenant Colonel David H. Doughty was appointed Commander, 6217th Combat Support Group, by 327th Air Division Commander.

15 March.       6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron was activated at Tainan Air Base and assigned to 6214th Support Group.  Detachment 1, this unit was assigned to Ching Chuan Kang Air Base and Detachment 2 was assigned to Chiayi Air Base.

22 March.       Thirteenth Air Force Materiel Assistance Team was at CCK AB.

23 March.       The Airmen Service Club at CCK AB was opened.

28 March.       Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT) radio station at Tainan AB began operating with a 1,000 watt transmitter.
 30 March.       Operating Location (OLAD) of the 327th Air Division became operational at Ta Kan Shan.

12 April.          The first Sino-American Advisory Council was formed at Tainan AB.

17 – 28 April.  The 327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

24 April.          A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between ROC and USG concerning Employment of Chinese Civilians and engagement of Chinese Contractors by US Military Commands or Agencies between the Ministry of National Defense (MND), Republic of China (ROC) and US Taiwan Defense Command (USTDC.)

25 April.          The Non-Commissioned Officers Club at CCK AB was opened.          

25 April.          Dining Hall Three at CCK AB with a feeding capacity of 1,200 airmen per meal was opened.

1 May. The Officers Open Mess at CCK AB was opened.

5 May. The causeway for the pipeline to the buoy area at CCK AB was completed.

8 May. A new demineralized water plant began operation at CCK AB.

16 May.          Personnel Services facilities consisting of the Base Library, Music Room and Golf Driving Range were opened at CCK AB.

18 May.          327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

23 May.          A water storage tank at Taipei Air Station was accepted.  It was designed to hold 35,000 gallons of filtered water.

26 May.          The Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT) CCK Air Base Radio Station began broadcasting locally with a voluntary staff of ten persons.

27 May.          A Military Agreement was signed between the ROC and USG on facility use of Hangar 1 at Tainan Air Base for BIG EYE.

29 May.          The Base Theater at CCK Air Base opened in a new air conditioned building with a seating capacity of 512 persons.  It had previously operated in the ballroom of the Airmen’s Service Club.

31 May.          327th Air Division relieved the 6214th Support Group of its responsibility for providing logistical support to units north of Taichung.  This area was assigned to the 6217th Combat Support Group.  Final transfer of accounts was completed on 1 July 1967.

June.   Ching Chuan Kang Air Base was directed by PACAF to convert to the Field Ration System.  It had been on the Garrison Ration System since its activation.
(Editor: From John “JT” Taylor, CCK Dining Facility: “Mess Hall can now purchase a wider selection of foods.”)

June.   6214th Support Group won the Thirteenth Air Force Ground Explosive Safety Award for first quarter CY 1967.

5 June.            Ching Chuan Kang became an Aerial Port for all Military Airlift Command (MAC) military carriers.  CAF would perform all ROC Customs and Immigration functions.

1 June.            The Fuels Section at CCK AB utilized its temporary fuel storage/distribution system for the first time.

8 June.            The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Committee of the ROC and USG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the payment/exemption for payment of meteorological, telecommunications, landing, parking, lighting and navigational service fees.

9 June.            6215th Support Squadron took steps to intercept and reassign 50 percent of its personnel due to a planned closing of Chiayi Air Base (USAF Section) in July 1968.

12 – 16 June.  327th Air Division participated in Rochester War Games.

15 June.         A military chartered Pan American Airline Boeing 707 made an emergency stop at Tainan Air Base to get aid for a DOD civilian who was ill.  Treatment was successful and the civilian was released from Tainan Dispensary after two days. 

15 June.         6217th Security Squadron was organized. 

16 June.         The CAF-USAF Bulk Aviation Fuel Loss Agreement, signed on 22 March 1965, was renewed.

19 June.         An agreement to substitute change regarding vehicle drivers and mechanics provided by ROC was signed.

19 June.         An agreement was signed between ROC and USG on payment-in-kind for fuel issued to US Status of Forces aircraft.

19 June.         An agreement was signed between ROC and USG on the location of the Taichung USO.

23 June.         A new base water treatment plant became operational at CCK AB with a capacity of 3,000,000 gallons per day. 

26 June.         327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

26 June.         327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE IV.

30 June.         The Ching Chuan Crier, CCK AB newspaper, began weekly publication.  Prior to this date, the paper had been published twice a week.

July.                 There were 6,412 Air Force personnel assigned to units on Taiwan.

1 July.             Operating Location (OLAA) at Taipei Air Station and (OLAB) at Tainan Air Base of the 6217th Combat Support Group became operational to service personnel matters as satellites of the Central Base Personnel Office (CBPO) at CCK AB.

1 July.             OLAB at Taipei AS of the 6217th Supply Squadron became operational.  It handles all supply activity in the Taipei area for USAF.

5 July.             Colonel Jules X. Junker III. Assumed command of the 6217th Combat Support Group at CCK AB, replacing Colonel Ralph E. Kirchoff.

7 July.             327th Air Division surpassed its PACAF Cost Reduction Goal for Fiscal Year 1967 by US $1,105,400.  Its goal had been set at US $128,500.

14 July.           Vice Admiral John L. Chew, new commander of USTDC arrived.

15 July.           Detachment 1, 6217th Support Squadron, Tainan AB was activated.

15 July.           Detachment 2, 6211th USAF Dispensary, Chiayi AB was discontinued.

19 July.           327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

28 July.           Colonel Alvin G, Schuering assumed command of 6214th Support Squadron, Tainan AB.

1 August.        A Mutual Support Agreement was signed between CAF and USAF for Disaster Control Operations during actual and training exercises.

4 August.        Five, 10,000 barrel fuel tanks, two located at Chiayi AB and three located at Tainan AB were turned over to the CAF.  They were to be used for storage of Aviation Gas (AVGAS) and Jet Propulsion Fuel, Type 4 (JP-4) fuel for USAF use.

8 August.        Capt Roy A. Anderson assumed command of 6213th Support Squadron, Taipei AS, pending arrival of assigned commander (Temporary.)

14 August.      Major John M. Staab assumed command of 6215th Support Squadron, Chiayi AB. (Temporary.)

15 August.      Lieutenant Colonel William R. Tubbs assumed command of 6213th Support Squadron, Taipei AS.

16 August.      327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

19 August.      A new electrical substation was activated at CCK AB with a total capacity of 3,050 kilowatts of power.

20 August.      327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

20 August.      The fuel tanker, SS Nashbulk, connected-up to Buoy CCK AB with its own mooring lines; off-loaded 8,000 petroleum barrels (bbls) of fuel into the system leading to the 10,000 petroleum barrel tank at the booster station.  The buoy worked.  There were no leaks. 

20 August.      A liquid oxygen/nitrogen plant was accepted at CCK AB.

5 September. Organizational Emblem for 6214th Support Group was approved by USAF. 

8 September.  First Lieutenant Frank A. Warner assumed command 6215th Support Squadron at Chiayi Air Base.

16 September. A new JP-4 fuels complex at CCK AB consisting of a IMODCO  buoy, booster station, bulk storage tank farm and hydrant system was completed.

17 September. The tanker, SS Ocean Anna arrived at Buoy CCK AB, connected to buoy with its own mooring lines, and started off-loading fuel, weather got bad.  Two mooring lines broke.  Off-loading of fuel stopped.  Due to bad weather, the tanker departed on 18 September without completing its unloading of fuel.

17 September.  6214th Support Group held its first open house for Chinese Nationals to mark the 29th Anniversary of the US Air Force.  Over 10,000 visitors viewed the displays. 

17 September.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

18 September.  A bulk storage POL area began operating at CCK AB.

20 September.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

25 September.  All 327th Air Division units were converted from Garrison Rations to Field Rations.

1 October.      A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between ROC and USG for Combined/Joint Parachute Operations with Chinese/US Personnel Parachute Drops.

8 October.      Joint Agreement signed between CAF and USAF for Joint CAF/USAF Radar Approach Control at CCK AB.

13 October.    327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE II.

15 October.   PACAF Materiel Assistance Team visited CCK AB to observe operations and to render on the spot command type assistance in all areas of materiel (maintenance and supply.)

17 October.    327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

22 October.    The CCK AB Buoy tipped up on its side, half of it was under water.  The floating hose had broken and it could not be found.  The tanker, SS Kaupanger, was at the buoy site.  Weather was bad; waves were about 16 feet high.  Using a LARC amphibious vessel, IMODCO personnel checked the buoy. A hose was located on a sand flat 17 miles south of the CCK Buoy.  The tanker made a perfect pass at the buoy and departed.  Weather was so bad that the LARC vessel was almost lost.  The buoy was declared Out of Service.

23 October.    Using the LARC, IMODCO and base personnel checked the CCK Buoy.  Chain legs were found to be good.  The personnel compartment was flooded with water causing the buoy to tip.  Hose was broken in two places and the floats were badly damaged.

30 October.    Outpatient services at CCK AB moved into the new Clinical Administration Building.           

31 October.    Colonel John O. Sandbach assumed command of 
327th Air Division vice Brigadier General William F. Pitts.  (Temporary pending arrival of new 

6 November. 

Brigadier General Levi R. Chase, US Air Force, assumed command
of 327th Air Division at Taipei Air Station, Taiwan.

6 November.  A new Mobile Radar Approach Control facility opened at CCK AB.  It began to give improved radar service to USAF and CAF pilots flying in the CCK area during instrument weather conditions.

13 November.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

15 November.  The Republic of China withdrew its permission for the United States Air Force to use Ching Chuan Kang Air Base as a serial port of entry and departure.

15 November.  Detachment 1, 327th Air Division was organized at Taipei City by PACAF SO G-185, 18 October 1967.

16 November.  The Composite Medical Facility (6217th US Air Force Hospital) at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base was accepted.

18 November.   All medical services (except dental and outpatient) became operational in the new Hospital Complex at CCK AB.

18 November.   Colonel Jules X. Junker III, 6217th Combat Support Group Commander, accepted an award from LIN, Tse-hsien, Deputy Police Commissioner of the Taiwan Provincial Police Department, on behalf of the former 6217th Combat Support Group Commander, Colonel Ralph E. Kirchoff, for Air Force contributions to civil actions in the Taichung area.

21 November.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

21 November.   Detachment 1, 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron at CCK AB was discontinued.  Its function was assumed by 6217th Combat Support Group.

25 November.   Operation of the new Sewage Treatment Plant began at CCK AB.  Capacity was 3,000,000 gallons per day.

27 November.   The UNIVAC 1050II computer conversion at CCK AB was completed. 

27 November.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise BLUE SKY.

30 November.   6213th Air Base Squadron Motor Pool moved into its new area at Taipei Air Station.

8 December.     The 6217th USAF Dispensary was redesignated the 6217th USAF Hospital per PACAF SO G-205, 11 November 1967.

11 December.    327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

15 December.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

 19 December.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise LARK.

20 December.   The new UNIVAC 1050-II computer began operation in the 6217th Supply Squadron at CCK AB.

1967 brought many changes, especially at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base. 

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Unknown said...

I was American secretary to Commander 314th DCO Col. Krout in 1967-68. I have found very little info on this time period and have a great recollection of my time in the command center. My husband SSgt Brelice Glenn was a crew chief assigned to one of the C130 flying squadrons and traveled on many missions to our ALCs in Vietnam... indeed was awarded the Air Medal. Anyone remembering the time, I'd appreciate your comments.
Mary Glenn

ed_m said...

Hello Mary!
I was stationed at CCK from EO January 1967 to early February of 1968, assigned to aircraft maintenance on the C-130's. There seems to be a growing interest on this subject. Only a week ago, I found out a reunion that is planned to take place in Dayton, Ohio, late in June of this year. Bob Keller is one of the organizers, with whom I spoke yesterday. He said that there is a list of about 130 who signed up for this reunion. Those on that list have served at CCK anywhere from 1972 to 1979.
As for me, I met my future wife early on during my tour at CCK. She is a missionary daughter who grew up there and attended Morrison Academy. We met at the Welcome Inn Christian Servicemen's Center in Taichung. Through my wife, I got much more involved with the local community and culture than most other GI's did, which has given me wonderful memories of that year in Taiwan.
If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd also be very happy to give you the contact information of Bob Keller upon your asking.
Ed Moehl