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Thursday, February 16, 2012

History of the US Air Force in Taiwan - 1962


1 January.      The Area Procurement Office, 6213th Spt Sq, was activated at Taipei AS during November 1961 and became operational this date.

3 February.    US Taiwan JOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

6 – 12 March.  18th Tactical Fighter Wing aircraft deployed to Kung Kuan AB.  While there they participated in exercise FLYING TIGER.

10-17 March.   8th Tactical Fighter Wing deployed aircraft to Kung Kuan AB.

25 March.       6214th Tactical Group and 6214th Air Base Squadron were redesignated 6214th Air Base Group and 6214th Support Squadron respectively per PACAF SO G-96, 21 Dec 61.  The same order also discontinued the 868th Tactical Missile Squadron and 6214th Materiel Squadron at Tainan Air Station.

April.   Base swimming pool at Tainan Air Station was opened.

1 April.            6214th Air Police Squadron was designated and organized at Tainan Air Station per PACAF SO G-20, 27 Feb 62.

11 April.          US Taiwan JOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise and operation BUZZ SAW.

8-11 May.       US Taiwan JOC participated in world wide command post exercise WHIPLASH.

10 May.          All ATF Thirteen (P) (Taipei area) military personnel records were transferred from Clark AB Consolidated Base Personnel Office to 6213th Support Squadron, Taipei Air Station.

15 May.          A Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) was officially established in the Taiwan COC.

21 May.          The 405th Fighter Wing at Clark AB assumed the responsibility for maintenance of officers and airmen records for all personnel assigned to 6214th Air Base Group.

29 May – 1 June.  Thirteenth Air Force inspected the 6214th Tactical Group at Tainan Air Base.

1 June.            An Information Office was established in the Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov).  Also the Tainan Defender Newspaper, formally published at Tainan Air Station, was published by this office from 13 July until 14 December 1962 when its publication was discontinued due to manpower shortage.

5 June.            Tainan Branch of Bank of Taiwan was authorized to maintain an account in New Taiwan Dollars (NT) for official account of Accounting and Finance Officer, Tainan Air Station.

5 June.            The Accounting and Finance Office was activated and physically located in the office of the US Army Military Attaché, US Embassy, Taipei.  It operated under the jurisdiction of the 405th Fighter Wing Finance Office until 1 October 1962 when it was transferred to the 6214th Air Base Wing.   

16 June.         Taipei Air Station dial telephone exchange became operational.

27 June.         Taipei Air Station acquired 3.9 acres of land adjacent to the station for construction of a dormitory, mess hall and motor pool area.

27 June.         President Kennedy stated during a press conference today:
One possibility is that there might be aggressive action against the offshore islands of Matsu and Quemoy. In that event, the policy of this country will be that established seven years ago under the Formosa Resolution. The United States will take the action necessary to assure the defense of Formosa and the Pescadores. In the last crisis in the Taiwan area in 1958, President Eisenhower made it clear that the United States would not remain inactive in the face of any aggressive action against the offshore islands which might threaten Formosa.” 
Editor Note:  Read President Kennedy’s press conference remarks HERE.

1 July.             Commander, 2165th Communications Squadron assumed the responsibilities for Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) Communications and Electronics (C&E) staff function.

8 -13 July.       Thirteenth Air Force inspected the 6213th and ATF Thirteen (P).

11 July.           Major Fred H. Reiss assumed command of 6213th Support Squadron per 6213th Spt Sq SO G-13, 11 Jul 62.

12 July.           US Taiwan JOC participated n BLUE SKY exercise.

13 July.           The newspaper TAIWAN DEFENDER was transferred from 6214th Air Base Group, Tainan AB to Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) at Taipei Air Station.  ATF Thirteen (P) had this newspaper previously from Jan 59 (founded by ATF Thirteen (P)) to Mar 60.

25 July.           US Ambassador to China, Alan G. Kirk; Vice Admiral R. L. Melson, Commander, US Taiwan Defense Command; and Major General Kenneth O. Sanborn, Chief, MAAG Taiwan visited Taipei Air Station for a briefing.

20 August.           Brigadier General Gladwyn E. Pinkston assumed command of Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) per USAF SO A-1233,  25 June 1962 and 6213th SO G-14, 23 August 1962.

30 – 31 August.         Lieutenant General Thomas S. Moorman, Vice Chief Commander in Chief, PACAF, visited Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov).

1 – 9 September.      The 656th Tactical Hospital. Clark AB, Philippines conducted a deployment to Kung Kuan AB for training purposes.

9 September.            CAF reported one of its U2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, purchased from Lockheed Corporation, in 1960, was missing on a routine mission over the Chinese mainland.

11 – 24 September. Detachment 1, Thirteenth Air Force participated in exercise 

19 September.          The Interservice Support Agreement between Naval Support Activity (NAVSUPPACT) Taiwan and Thirteenth Air Force was signed and sent to PACAF for approval.

6 – 20 September.    US Taiwan JOC participated in world wide command post exercise HIGH HEELS II.

8 October.      Major General Glen W. Martin, PACAF Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and Operations, visited Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov).

15 October.    Taipei Air Station was given right of entry to (2,062 Ping in size) (36 square foot per Ping) of land adjacent to its area from Taiwan University.  This land was required for expansion.

15 October.    Commander, Chinese Air Force and Command, Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) signed host tenant agreement between their respective headquarters for deployment of aircraft to Taiwan.

1 – 9 November.       656th Tactical Hospital from Clark AB, Philippines deployed to Kung Kuan AB to participate in field exercise.

8 – 9 November.       Major General Theodore R. Milton, Commander, Thirteenth Air Force and his staff paid a command visit to Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) headquarters at Taipei Air Station.  This was a follow-up visit made 25-27 Jul 62.

7 December. SECNAVNOTE 5450 changed the name of US Naval Support Activity, Taipei to Headquarters Support Activity Taipei (HEDSUPPACT, Taipei).  Prior to this the unit was established in 1951 as Headquarters Commandant which commanded all support elements of Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) Taiwan.  In 1955 it was changed to Taiwan Base Command and was jointly staffed, MAAG funded.  The command was placed under Taiwan Defense Command (TDC) in 1959.

12 – 13 December.    Secretary of the Air Force and Mrs. Eugene M. Zuckert with Major General and Mrs. Glen W. Martin visited Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov), Chinese Air Force, US Ambassador to China, and the president of the Republic of China.

19 December.           US Taiwan JOC participated in BLUE SKY exercise.

21 December.           US Taiwan JOC participated in exercise NEW BOY IV.

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