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Monday, February 20, 2012

History of US Air Force in Taiwan - 1965 - UPDATED


January.          The Staff Judge Advocate conducted an Income Tax Instructor Training School for all US Forces on Taiwan for a period of five days.

1 January.      The 6213th Support Squadron assumed responsibility for distribution of publications to Shu Linkou Air Station.

1 January.      OPNAVINST 5400.24 placed HEDSUPPACT, Taipei under command of Commander Service Force, US Pacific Fleet and Commander US Naval Forces, Philippines for area coordination.

20 January.    The Clothing Sales Store at Taipei Air Station was closed and the Naval Headquarters Support Activity Taipei (HSAT) assumed the function.  The 6213th Support Squadron assigned HSA two airmen to help the activity.

22 March.       The CAF-USAF Bulk Aviation Fuel Loss Agreement was signed effective 1 April 1965 and was retroactive to 1 October 1964.

31 March.       As of the end of March, 20 telephones were in place at Kung Kuan Air Base.  By 30 June the number of instruments had increased to 83, with 15 extensions.

7 April.            A Joint/Use/Tenant agreement between CAF, Chiayi and 6214th Support Squadron was signed.
7 April.            Aircraft of BIG EYE TaskForce arrived at Tainan AS from 552nd Airborne Early Warning & Control Wing, McClellan AFB, California and commenced operations.

9 April.            A new weather unit (Detachment 23, 1st Weather Wing) made up of TDY personnel was formed at Kung Kuan AB.  First PCS personnel arrived on 22 April 1965.

10 April.          The 476th Tactical Fighter Squadron (F-104) from George AFB, California, was deployed to Kung Kuan Air Base (three days prior to activation of 6214th) which strained logistics support of the 6214th Support Squadron.  Base fuels activity was established and became operational with the arrival of the 476th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

11 April.          The first airmen assigned to TOP DOG Project X arrived at Kung Kuan AB and were attached to 6214th Support Squadron for 120 days TDY.

12 April.          One officer and 35 Air Policemen arrived at Kung Kuan AB from George AFB, California, to begin the Security and Law Enforcement Section of the 6214th Support Squadron.

13 April.          The Procurement Office commenced operation with one officer and one NCO at Kung Kuan Air Base.

14 April.          The 6214th Support Group was designated and organized at Tainan Air Station by PACAF SO G-30, 9 Apr 65.  The same order also discontinued Detachment 1, 6214th Support Squadron at Kung Kuan Air Base.  The 6214th Support Squadron was moved from Tainan Air Base to Kung Kuan Air Base less equipment and personnel by PACAF Movement Order 3, 9 April 1965.

14 April.          Air Police of 6214th Support Squadron arrived at Kung Kuan Air Base with Thirteen personnel.  Security of base was provided by Chinese Air Force.

14 April.          Kung Kuan Air Base had little or no notice of personnel arriving and both officers and airmen were required to string and peg-down squadron tents for living quarters and work areas.  Necessary equipment and supplies to operate even a rudimentary orderly room were not available.

14 April.          The 6214th Support Squadron was organized at Kung Kuan, Chinese Air Force Base, Taiwan.  TOP DOG X and XV TDY personnel arrived 13 April from many USAF installations.  The TOP DOG force combined with a five man PCS USAF WRM maintenance detachment which was in place at Kung Kuan Air Base and the 208 “strangers” were quickly welded into a homogeneous unit.

20 April – 14 May.  The Construction Battalion (Seabees) of the US Navy, in cooperation with the 6214th Civil Engineers began a rapid construction program to up-date USAF facilities on Kung Kuan Air Base.  (Mess Hall with adjacent buildings, -- floors and screened wooden frames for tents.)  Construction finished on 14 May and Seabees departed.

1 May.           Colonel Roscoe B. Blackledge assumed command of the 6214th Support Squadron at Kung Kuan Air Base. 

1 May.           A Chinese Air Force – US Air Force (CAF-USAF) Bulk Aviation Fuel Loss Agreement was placed into effect at Tainan Air Base.

5 May.           The first Kung Kuan Air Base Information Office was set up in a 6’ by 8’ corner of the Civil Engineer’s tent.  A home built table and a folding chair were scrounged.

10 May.          Two H-43Bs of Detachment 6, Pacific Air Rescue Service (MATS) arrived at Kung Kuan AB from Portland, Oregon and remained on alert duty until 10 July when they were transferred to SEA.

15 May.          Base Supply Account (FB5266) was established for the 6214th Support Squadron which allowed them to go directly to the depot.

26 May.          A new, air conditioned, Navy Exchange was opened at Kung Kuan Air Base in a newly constructed “Taiwan Hut.”

June.               First USAF Civil Engineering support activity was formed at Kung Kuan AB with 24 military of various skills, 18 local national draftsmen and 27 fire fighting personnel.

Photo courtesy USTDC Facebook Page.  Kung Kuan AB, Taiwan 1965.

14 June.         First time US Flag flew alongside Taiwan Flag was on Flag Day 1965.  Notice the tent city that most Kung Kuan personnel resided in.  These came down later in the year as permanent buildings came on-line to house base personnel

18 June.         Lieutenant Colonel Edwin H. Brewer assumed command of 6214th Support Squadron vice Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Robinson per 6214th Support Squadron SO G-2, 15 Jun 65.

30 June.         The Base Chapel, one of the first buildings begun on 10 June 1965 at Kung Kuan Air Base was completed.

30 June.         Vehicles at Kung Kuan AB had increased to 103.  By 31 December 1966, the number had increased to 467.

30 June 1965 – 30 June 1966.       Most of Kung Kuan personnel were billeted on base, but personnel of the 314th TCW remained living on the local economy due to shortage of available base quarters.  Base quarters consisted of six H-shaped, two story concrete structures, each normally housing 120 men; two single story H-shaped concrete BOQ buildings with a 56 man capacity; six Taiwan aluminum BOQ and 11 Taiwan aluminum airmen dormitories.  Other structures completed were a missile check out facility (AIM 9); one concrete dining hall; one Taiwan aluminum dining hall; eight interim aircraft maintenance buildings; a supply warehouse; and NCO and officers lounge; a 10 bed dispensary; an organizational maintenance facility; A&E facility and a squadron operations building.  Eight man tents were still utilized mainly for storage.

July.     There were 3,887 US Air Force personnel assigned to units on Taiwan.

July – December.      The Tainan Air Procurement Office won the Thirteenth Air Force Award for the Base Procurement Office during this period.

3 July.             A total of 309 permanent party personnel arrived at Kung Kuan Air Base to replace TOP DOG personnel who were assigned TDY in Taiwan for 120 days.

6 July.             One officer and 16 Air Policemen were transferred from Kung Kuan AB to Da Nang, Vietnam.

10 July.           Local Base Rescue Unit at Kung Kuan AB was moved to Udorn, Thailand.  Unit consisted of two HH-43B helicopters.

8 July. The 6215th Support Squadron was organized and designated at Chiayi Air Base by PACAF SO G-50, 12 May 1965.  The same general order also organized Detachment 1, 6211th USAF Dispensary, Kung Kuan AB and Detachment 2, 6211th USAF Dispensary at Chiayi AB.

19 July.           Personnel for the newly activated 6215th Support Squadron began arriving and were held in a Chiayi Hostel until space could be found for them.  The squadron personnel moved on-base at Chiayi on 27 August 1965.

21 July.           Brigadier General Thomas N. Wilson, Command Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) visited Chiayi Air Base and briefed all personnel on plans for the 6215th Support Squadron.

26 July.           Lieutenant Lerro assumed command of the 6215th Support Squadron at Chiayi Air Base.

August.           Typhoon Mary damaged the tent area at Kung Kuan Air Base causing the base to move personnel into civilian hotels at Taichung for a period of 46 days.

2 August.        Colonel Joseph W. Parks assumed command of the 6214th Support Group at Tainan Air Base.

2 August.        The 6211th USAF Dispensary was relieved by PACAF SO G-104, 29 July 1965 from the 6214th Support Squadron and assigned to the 6214th Support Group.

5 August.        Lieutenant Colonel Norbert L. Novinski assumed command of the 6214th Support Squadron at Kung Kuan Ai Base from TOP DOG Command, Lieutenant Colonel James M. McFarland, per 6214th Spt Sq SO G-1, 5 Aug 65.

25 August.      Detachment 1, 6211th SUAF Dispensary at Kung Kuan Air Base was discontinued by PACAF GO G-83, 25 June 1965. This same General Order established a Class “B” USAF Dispensary at Kung Kuan Air Base and assigned it to the 6214th Support Squadron.

September.    All TOP DOG personnel departed Kung Kuan AB and were replaced by permanent party personnel.

September.    The 50th Troop Carrier Squadron was alerted for Far East duty.  On 27 and 28 December 1965, the squadron departed the CONUS PCS and set-up TDY at Clark AB on 1 and 2 Jan 1966.  Personnel came from the 50th, 61st and 62nd Troop Carrier Squadrons at Sewart AFB, Tennessee.  The squadron arrived at Kung Kuan AB on 28 January 1966.

September.    The 345th Troop Carrier Squadron was alerted for Far East duty.  Personnel came from Dyess AFB, Texas.  Squadron was TDY at Naha, Okinawa prior to its arrival at Kung Kuan AB on 20 March 1966.

September.    The 776th Troop Carrier Squadron was alerted for Far East duty.  Personnel came from the 464th TCW at Pope AFB, North Carolina.  The squadron departed CONUS in November 1965 and was TDY at Tachikawa, Japan until its arrival at Kung Kuan Air Base on 1 April 1966.

13 September.          Detachment 12, 11th Postal Squadron assumed control of the Consolidated Mail Room at Taipei Air Station.

15 September.          Lieutenant Colonel David H. Doughty assumed command of the 6215th Support Squadron.

October.         Tainan Air Station redesignated Tainan Air Base by Chinese Air Force.

6 October.      Lieutenant Stephen E. Berry assumed command of 6215th Support Squadron.

11 November.         Three Chinese Communist airmen defected to Taiwan in a Russian-made IL-28 aircraft.

11 November.            A fire in the communications building at Kung Kuan Air Base disrupted communications for approximately 18 hours.

15 November.            Lieutenant Colonel David H. Doughty assumed command of 6214th Support Squadron per Personnel Action 1604, 6200 Material Wing, 28 Dec 65.

23 November.            The 6217th Combat Support Group, 6217th Supply Squadron, 6217th Civil Engineering Squadron, 6217th Transportation Squadron and 6217th USAF Dispensary were designated and organized at Kung Kuan Air Base, per PACAF SO G-205, 18 Nov 65.  The 6217th Combat Support Group was assigned to Thirteenth Air Force.  Other units were assigned to the 6217th Combat Support Group.  The 6214th Support Squadron was discontinued at Kung Kuan Air Base by PACAF SO G-208, 22 Nov 65.

9 December.             The US turned over F-5a Freedom Fighter jet aircraft to CAF.

13 December.           Major General James N. Wilson, Commander, Thirteenth Air Force made a facilities inspection at Kung Kuan Air Base.

17 December.           An advance party of 314th Troop Carrier Wing consisting of five officers and five airmen landed at Kung Kuan AB to establish a Base Operations and prepare for the forthcoming move of the wing.  It was commanded by Colonel Gordon C. Preller.

21 December.           The 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing (F-104s) returned to George AFB, California upon completion of their rotational tour.  The 436th Tactical Fighter Squadron of this same wing had returned in October 1965.

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