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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Return to Taiwan Tour - On the Bus - Day 6 - Continued

When we last posted a few days ago, we were on the ferry boat heading to the Kaohsiung pier.

We arrive at the pier as a ferry boat leaves for the island

Our ferry pulls into the dock.

One exit for people, the other for motor scooters and bicycles.

Coming off the ferry, just down the street was a popular dessert store serving shave ice topped with your choice of goodies.

The stop for shaved ice and fruit provided a short rest and a time to refresh.

Our bus was waiting across the street and we were shortly on our way to the hotel.

Here is the Google Earth Street View of the Sunshine Hotel in Kaohsiung.

Since the Street View was taken, the hotel had added a large addition just to the left of the hotel structure seen in this photo.

We checked-in and had a couple of hours to get situated and refreshed.

We had beautiful rooms.  I was really impressed with the Toto high tech toilet.  

Around dinner time we loaded up and headed to the large Night Market to see what we could find to eat.

Here's most of our group, eating some BBQ chicken on a stick.

The night market was a few blocks in length.

All kinds of food was served.  Many shops along the street selling an array of items.

After a couple of hours, we were Night Marketed out....

We called the bus, we loaded up and returned to our hotel.

It had been a long day, from Kenting to Kaohsiung..

It's time for bed.

Tomorrow, we visit around Kaohsiung and Tsoying

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