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Sunday, February 19, 2012

History of US Air Force in Taiwan - 1964


January – December.  US Army Communications Agency, Taiwan became the US Army Strategic Communications Command (USASTRATCOM-Taiwan)  As its predecessor, it continued to provide on and off island communications.

January – December.  SSgt James B. Williams, 6211th USAF Dispensary, Tainan AB, was Thirteenth Air Force Airman of the Year for 1964.

January – June.  The STAR procedures were placed into effect at Tainan Air Base in support of Project 425 BIG EYE for housekeeping and administrative support for Kung Kuan Air Base.

January – June.  The Protestant Choir, Taipei Air Station, was named winner of first place in the PACAF COMPETITION of the 1964 USAF CHAPEL Choir Contest for bases of less than 3,500 personnel.

20 January.    BAK-9 Runway Barrier installation at Tainan Air Base was started this date and completed 5 April.  The one for Kung Kuan Air Base was started on 2 March and completed on 6 May.

20 January.    Contract was let to Feng Yung Construction Company to build the Airmen’s Dormitory at Taipei Air Station.

17 – 27 March.  Aircraft from the 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa participated in Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) OPLAN BIG TRUCK at Kung Kuan Air Base.

May.                The Severance Pay Plan for local national employees on Taiwan employed by the US Air Force was approved by CINCPAC.  They had to complete one year of satisfactory work before being entitled to this pay plan.

1 June.            All functions of Plans and Requirements reporting directly to ATF Thirteen (P) were reassigned to Combat Plans Section, US Taiwan AOC, and Director of Operations.

3 June.            Agreement between USG and ROC amended 3 April 1956 agreement on the disposition of Grant Aid Equipment and Materials to ROC.  (MAAG) (TIA55607)

30 June.         Tainan Air Station Supply Office was selected as Best in PACAF for 1963.

1 July.             The Staff Judge Advocate Office of 6213th Support Squadron consolidated with Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) office thereby increasing the effectiveness of its mission.

6 July.             Major Alfred P. Lista assumed command of 6213th Support Squadron per 6213th Support Squadron SO G-2, 6 July 1964.

8 July.             Det 2, Thirteenth Air Force was discontinued at Taipei Air Station per PACAF SO G-67, 8 May 64.

1 August.        Brigadier General Thomas N.Wilson assumed command of Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) per USAF SO AA-761, 6 May 64 and Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) SO G-2, 1 Aug 64 vice Colonel Paul E. Webber, relieved. 

1 September.  A reorganization separated the Branch Procurement Office at Tainan Air Station from the principal office at Taipei and made it an independent function with responsibility for Taichung and all areas south of it.

20 September – 5 November.   Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) participated in SKY SOLDIER/TIEN BING IV. Exercise in the vicinity of Tainan Air Station, which utilized tactical air support in conjunction with the air defense capabilities of the ROC.  Brigadier General Thomas N. Wilson, Air Task Force Thirteen (Prov) Commander was tactical air commander for this exercise.  The opening day featured PACAF in miniature with C-124, C-130, RF-101, F-105 and B-57 aircraft participating.  The Sino-US joint Army-Air Force airborne defensive exercise ended on 5 Nov 1964.  This was the largest peacetime Sino-American exercise ever conducted.

19 December.           A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the ROC and US on Sino-American Military Exercises 1965.

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