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Thursday, March 1, 2012

History of the US Air Force in Taiwan - 1969


1 January.      The 314th Armament & Electronics Maintenance Squadron at CCK AB was redesignated 314th Avionics Maintenance Squadron per PACAF SO G-287, 29 November 1968.

1 January.      The 6213th USAF Dispensary was activated at Taipei Air Station and assigned to 6213th Air Base Squadron per PACAF SO G-290, 3 December 1968.

8 January.      Operating Location 1, Detachment 5, 61st Military Airlift Wing at Sung Shan Air Base was redesignated as Operating Location 1, Detachment 17, 22nd Air Force per Military Airlift Command Message MAPDSP DTG 222151Z.

9 January,      The 346th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS) was alerted by Department of the Air Force Warning Order message for transfer from Dyess AFB, Texas to CCK AB.  Tactical Airlift Command (TAC) Movement Order No. 8, 14 February 1969, moved the unit overseas.

9 January.      The following 327th Air Division units were charged with responsibility for USAF administrative and logistic support of Operating Locations at the following locations:

Unit Designation                               Location                          Support Unit

Operating Location A (OL-A)          Sung Shan Air Base       6213th Air Base Squadron
Operating Location B (OL-B)          Makung Island                6214th Air Base Group
Operating Location C (OL-C)         O Laun Pi                        6214th Air Base Group
Operating Location D (OL-D)         Takangshan                    6214th Air Base Group
Operating Location E (OL-E)          Waipu                             314th Tactical Airlift Wing

10 January.    Detachment 1, 6217th Supply Squadron, 1106 Remote Supply System became operational at Tainan Air Base.

3 February.    327th Air Division was host to CULT Conference held at Taipei Air Station. (Editor: CULT could mean “common-user land transportation”?)

5 February.    Airman First Class Robert L. Stevenson, 6214th Air Base Group, was selected as the Thirteenth Air Force Simi-Annual, Airman of the Year, for July – December 1968.

15 February.  CCK AB was connected to the Pacific Automatic Voice Secure Communications System with the installation of two terminals at this base.

20 February.  Operating Location E, 327th Air Division, Radar site at Waipu was closed pending relocation.

24 February – 15 June.  327th Air Division participated in Exercise FORWARD THRUST I on Taiwan.  314th Tactical Airlift Wing provided 25 re-supply / personnel drop missions and approximately 10 routine missions for a total of 35 missions to support the exercise.

1 March.         2165th Communications Squadron at Taipei Air Station was redesignated as 2165th Communications Group by Air Force Communications Service (AFCS) SO G-5, 14 January 1969.  This same order discontinued Detachment 2 at Tainan AB and Detachment 3 at CCK AB.  The same order activated the following units:

            2128th Communications Squadron              Tainan Air Base
            OL-A, 2128th Communications Squadron    O Laun Pi
            OL-B, 2128th Communications Squadron    Ta Kang Shan
            OL-D, 2128th Communications Squadron    Ma Kung

            2129th Communications Squadron               CCK AB
            OL-A   2129th Communications Squadron    Waipu

7 March.         A Stromberg-Carlson X-Y telephone system installation was completed at Tainan Air Base by the 2876th Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency (GEEIA) Squadron.

8 March.         The 314th Organizational Maintenance Squadron, Provisional, was activated at CCK AB per PACAF SO G-29, 18 February 1969.

14 March.       Policy issued the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing Commander prevented the conversion of Individually Sponsored Dependents to Command Sponsored Dependents status at CCK AB.

15 March.       The 346th Tactical Airlift Squadron was reassigned from PACAF to the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing per PACAF SO G-44, 3 March 1969.

29 March.       Seventy TDY maintenance personnel arrived at CCK AB from Tachikawa AB, Japan as a result of the assignment of the 346 TAS to the 314 TAW.  See 15 March remark above.

1 April.            A Merchandise Control Office (MCO) was established at CCK AB by direction of the Taichung Area Coordinating Instruction (USTDC 5840.00)

1 April.            Hostel 4 area at Taipei Air Station was returned to the Chinese Provisional Government.  (Editor:  Hostel 4 area colored Blue on map)

7 – 11 April.   327th Air Division was host to USAF – PACAF Transportation – Property Seminar and PACAF Transportation Conference.

11 April.          A Letter of Agreement between 314th Tactical Airlift Wing (TAW) at CCK AB and 463rd Tactical Airlift Wing at Clark AB was signed to allow the 314th TAW to use the Clark Air Base Drop Zone (DZ) for training. 

18 April.          Thirteenth Air Force authorized the transfer of the Tainan Supply funding account from Taipei Air Station to CCK AB.

20 April.          The Lo Shan Control and Reporting Center (CRC) became operational.

1 May. 327th Air Division was host to the May, Monthly C-130 Maintenance Management Conference held in Taipei.

2 May. The 6214th Air Base Group Security Police section at Tainan Air Base was presented the Thirteenth Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for 1968.  This was the second year in a row this unit won the award.

5 May. CCK AB assumed increased responsibilities for the, Area of Off-Base Accidents.  The response area on Taiwan included the area from 25˚North Latitude to 23˚40΄North Latitude.

7 May.       US Taiwan Defense Command (USTDC) granted limited Air Post Office (APO) privileges to contract schools in the Taipei area.  Limited to mailing and receiving of educational materials only.

17 May.     327th Air Division, Brigadier General Levi R. Chase, presented the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for period 1 January 1966 to 31 December 1967 to the 6214th Air Base Group.

29 May.     Detachment 1, 327th Air Division, was commended by US Army Japan, USTDC, 13th Air Force and 327th Air Division for establishment of the Taiwan Grower’s Program on Taiwan, which delivered fresh fruit and vegetables to personnel in Southeast Asia (SEA.)

1 June.            The 314th Organizational Maintenance Squadron was activated at CCK AB and assigned to the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing per PACAF SO G-76, 23 April 1969.  This same order also inactivated the 314th Organizational Maintenance Squadron (Provisional) at CCK AB.

3 June.            314th Tactical Airlift Wing provided support for President Nixon’s visit to Midway Island.  Mission consisted of four C-130E aircraft and eight crews deployed to Hickam AFB, Hawaii. 

13 June.         327th Air Division notified the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing that the policy of only 50 Key Families sponsored at CCK AB would remain in effect.

20 June.         US Taiwan Defense Command (USTDC) assumed reconnaissance operations incident reporting from Taiwan to CINCPAC.

22 June.         CMSgt Paul W. Airey, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and PACAF Command Sergeant Major, CMSgt William N. Starnes, visited Air Force units on Taiwan for a period of three days.

23 June.         Due to problems resulting from centralization of supply funds, the supply funding account for Tainan AB and Taipei AS were transferred from OBAN 57 CCK AB to OBAN 40, Taipei Air Station.

23-27 June.    Thirteenth Air Force DCS/Material made staff assistance visit to CCK AB to assist in resolving known problems and to review management procedures and policies.

23 – 27 June. The Fourth Semi-Annual PACAF NCO Advisory Board met in Taipei for a second year in a row.  CMSgt Paul W. Airey, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, was a guest.

28 June.         Buildings K-614, K-715 and a portion of the CAF parking apron at CCK AB was transferred from CAF to USAF ownership.

1 July.             Administrative change was made in handling messages at Air Force units on Taiwan.  The Communications Center assumed the function of distributing messages at each base.


14 July.  Brigadier General Dewitt R. Searles, US Air Force,
assumed command of 327th Air Division at Taipei Air Station,
per 327th Air Division SO G-4, 14 July 1969.

 15 July.           The Air Base Advisory Team (ABOT), a MAAG unit, completed its move from Tainan AB to Taoyuan AB

15 July.           Constructed started on two 10,000 barrel POL tanks located at the CCK AB Booster Station.

15 – 29 July.  314th Tactical Airlift Wing assigned Presidential Support Mission between Hawaii and Johnston Island.

17 July.           Mr. Pincus and Mr. Paul visited Taiwan as representatives of Senator Symington’s subcommittee on Security Agreements and Commitments.

22 July.           327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

24 July.           314th Tactical Airlift Wing signed a Letter of Agreement between CAF and USAF on Joint Operation of Air Traffic Control Facilities.

26 July.           Typhoon VIOLA hit Tainan Air Base and caused approximately US $7,000 damage.

4 August.        The Security Police Section at Tainan AB went on a Three Flight System due to lack of personnel.

16 August.      The T-33 aircraft which had been assigned to the 327th Air Division for transportation of staff officers and the Commander to down island locations and off island conferences was returned to Clark Air Base.

19 August.      327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

28 August – 9 September.  314th Tactical Airlift Wing furnished five C-130E aircraft to airlift personnel and equipment of the 334th US Marine Corps Fighter Attack Squadron from Chu Lai Marine Air Base, Republic of Vietnam to Iwakuni AB, Japan.  Operation Command Twist.

1 September.            Severance pay was authorized for all Local National Employees working for the US Military on Taiwan.  This was a result of a Taiwan Wage Survey performed in June 1969.

5 September.            USAF and CAF Commanders signed an Agreement for the Upgrade of the CAF Pipeline System.  The USAF was to give the CAF 18 electric pumps and other material in return for storage of 13,000,000 gallons of fuel.

9-10 September.       327th Air Division conducted an Explosive Safety Survey at CCK AB.

11 September.          PACAF approved 327th Air Division maintaining classified material in the Operations Area, Chinese Compound.

22 September.          Project PEACE BIRD began at Tainan Air Base (Rehabilitation of the Control Tower.)

23 September.          327th Air Division AOC participated in Exercise LARK.

26 September.          Typhoon ELISE hit the island of Taiwan.  Aircraft of the 327th Air Division at Taipei, Tainan and CCK AB were evacuated to Safe Haven.

27 September.          Thirteenth Air Force Inspector Team rated the 6214th Air Base Group, Tainan Air Base as Satisfactory.

October – December.  Three aircraft of the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing were selected for support of project HOLLY, transportation for the Bob Hope USO Show in Southeast Asia (SEA.)

1 October.      Project TOP HAT began operation between Taipei Air Station and CCK Air Base.  C-130 aircraft were utilized for transportation of personnel for in-out processing of all personnel through Taipei – Chinese customs.

3 October.      Typhoon storm FLOSSIE passed near Taiwan.

3 October.      A test-run was made from CCK AB to Bien Hoa, Vietnam, by C-130 aircraft airlifting fruit and vegetables from Taiwan to SEA.  Shipment was accomplished by Detachment 1, 327th Air Division, Veterinarian.  A second run was made to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, from CCK AB.  All surface shipments of produce from Taiwan to Vietnam ceased on 18 October 1969.

5 October.      Taipei International Airport, which had been flooded due to Tropical Storm FLOSSIE was opened to normal traffic.

7 October.      314th Tactical Airlift Wing made an airdrop of supplies to Lo Shan Radar Site when the road to the site had been destroyed by Typhoon ELSIE and Tropical Storm FLOSSIE.

29 October.    Detachment 1, 327th Air Division, was awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award per USAF SO G-780, 29 October 1969 for the period:  1 November 1967 to 30 June 1969.

7 November.  327th Air Division performed a staff assistance visit to the 6217th Combat Support Group Disaster Preparedness Section.

13 November.            The road to Lo Shan Radar Site which had been closed since Typhoon ELSIE in September 1969 was opened.

19 – 24 November.   Project College Eye Supply Points assets were inventoried and transferred to Korat Air Base, Thailand on 19 November 1969 and Itazuke Air Base, Japan on 24 November 1969.

21 November.            Exercise BLUE SKY was partially cancelled due to weather.

24 November.            Colonel Roy L. Tweedie, Vice Commander, 327th Air Division, appeared before the Symington Subcommittee on Agreements and Commitments in Washington DC.

5 – 12 December.   327th Air Division participated in Exercise EAGLE.

5 December. A C-130E aircraft from CCK AB crashed six miles south of Tainan Air Base.  Editor:  C-130E 62-1800, c/n 3754, of the 50th Tactical Airlift Squadron, crashed, Taiwan, propeller reversed in flight.

7 December.  The US Air Operations Center was relocated to the Director of Operations conference room from the tunnel complex.  This was a temporary relocation while the new Command Advisory Function, facility was being constructed.

8 – 13 December.     Thirteenth Air Force conducted its Annual General Inspection of CCK AB.

9 December, 327th Air Division delegated to the 6214th Air Base Group, 6213th Air Base Squadron, 2165th Communications Group and Detachment 1, APRFE ?the authority to approve unusual civilian work hours for their respective organizations.

9 December.  Construction started on a new CAF Motor Pool at Tainan Air Base under USAF Contract Project TAN 60-8.

12 December. 327th Air Division attended a LARK Exercise Conference along with representatives from 5th Air Force, 405th Tactical Fighter Wing and US Taiwan Defense Command.  Purpose was to establish a safer and more useful exercise.

15 December.  Appropriated funds Civilian Hiring Freeze which had begun on 15 September 1969, was lifted.

16 December.  PACAF approved the removal and storage of external wing tanks on C-130E aircraft of the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing.  Tanks were to be replaced before aircraft departed for IRAN.

16 December.  Thirteenth Air Force granted permission to CCK AB to hire additional laborers to perform emergency repair work to the causeway at CCK AB.

29 December.  The Bob Hope USO Show performed before approximately 5,000 personnel at CCK AB.

31 December.  Thirty-eight manpower authorizations were transferred from CCK AB to Udorn Air Base, Thailand for support of 7/ABCCC phase inspections.

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I am in the process of attempting to find new materiel that covers the remaining years of our time in Taiwan.

Thank you taking the ride with us. If you read through this extensive history, you will find something you didn't know.  These last 4 years, 1966 - 1969, explains how CCK came from a dusty runway to a sprawling Air Base.  I hope you'll take some time to explore the experience.

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Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the years of 1969-1971. My father and his family were stationed there. My grandfather's plane went down in January 26, 1971.

Glen said...

I was there from Sept 1970 through Jan 1972 in the U.S. Navy attachment AKA Linkou Navy - I was known as Radar - Glen Nelson --

Unknown said...

I was stationed on Taiwan, Shulinkou AS, from 1971-72. Operations ceased in 1977.

Wanda N. said...

I also was stationed in Taiwan, Shulinkou AS, from 1972-73, as one of the first female MSO. Have always wondered when it closed.

Anonymous said...

Check the USAFSS sources, also. Shu Lin Kou was an active USAFSS site for many years, more ino at

Anonymous said...

My name is Wayne. I was stationed at CCK Base Tiawan from early January 1970 to March of 1971. In the time I was stationed there it was a remote base and family members were not allowed there. I would like to see some pictures of Tai Chung in the old parts of where the people lived in shacks and had binjo ditches to wash their clothes, take a bath. I just want to show the people what living conditions was like while I was there. There are a lot of beautiful places but the bad parts are never shown.

Jerry Sanchez said...

I was in Nha Trang with the blackbirds from October 69 to August of 70. Jet engine mechanic. Jerry J. Sanchez. Colorado native. 720-224-7440. Went to Taipae, Taiwan on r&r with the black birds fulton recovery system.

Unknown said...

My name bob holiday was there from 191972 to 1974 great memories