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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunting in the Mountains of Northern Taiwan - 1964

Chuck Adkins, assigned to the 2165th Comm Squadron at  Taipei Air Station with duty assignment at the Radar Dome in Shihmen, the northern most point in Taiwan.

We ran a piece on the Shihmen duty assignment, few folks there, beautiful beaches. 

HERE is the link.

Sometime in the late summer, early fall of 1964, a few military men from Shihmen, the Police Chief and a policeman from the village of Laomei, met up at the Laomei Police station, and headed out on a trek into the mountains south of Laomei, hunting wild boar.

Their weapons, .12 gauge shotguns.   If you notice the weapons in the photos, each has a identifying number on the stock.  The weapons were checked out from Special Services either at Taipei Air Station or downtown at the HSA compound. Each weapon included a number of shells also furnished by Special Services.

At the Police Station, preparing to leave on the hunt. Left to Right in the photo - The Police Deputy,Chief of Police for Laomei, Chuck Adkins, Sonny Perreira, Eddy Booth. 

The farmers around the area experienced damage from the wild boar feeding through their fields.  They welcomed us, hoping we might take a pig or two from the area.

We were off on our hunt....

Lots of space for the hogs to hide up in these hills.  To get close to a hog, you must be down wind or the hogs will smell you and move out of the area. Where are they?

The hunt took us through some beautiful areas, here a rushing stream bursts through the boulders. We walked upward on a path along the side of this stream.

A farm house can be seen just up in those trees above.

But, where are the hogs hiding?

We stopped for a rest and a smoke break at a farmers home in the hills. Left to right - Captain Whatley, a Radar Officer in the Shihmen Dome, Chuck Adkins,  Sonny Perreira The two police officers can also be seen walking around.

The farmer's home.

Sonny Perreira from Hawaii.

We moved on, the sun had come out.

Unfortunately the day brought no boar.  We decided to fire off the shells. When we found a hill we began to fire away.  Probably half of all the shells we had were duds.

So much for killing a hog...

Our day trip to the mountains in the north of Taiwan turned out as an adventure.

Later in Chuck's stay at Shihmen, he and some of the guys went duck hunting.

They would send someone up the stream.  There were ponds all along the stream.  When you reached close to the top of the stream, up the hill, you'd make noise, the ducks would fly down to the next pond, waiting at the next pond, our hunters.

Anyone for roast wild duck?

Our group, military men from Shihmen.
This photo taken just outside the Shihmen Hostel.

On the top of the hill, is that a AAA gun?

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