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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Cops of Tainan Air Base ~ Mel Cohen 1966 – 1968

Mel Cohen sent these photos and a short narrative of his assignment at Tainan.

I am sure many of you can relate to Mel and his squadron members, as they conducted the duties of policing the base, 24/7, not the best job in the Air Force, but something that had it's rewards and interesting sights that most of us were not privileged to see or experience.

Like most people who are not in law enforcement, most of us shrug the Cops off as being a pain in our lives, but as we age. we take another look at these guys and realize that they protected us, our aircraft, our lives and were only doing the job they were assigned to do!

Mel arrived at Tainan with one stripe on his sleeve, and like many others before him, followed directions from his superiors and soon learned the trade of being an Air Force Cop.

Here are Mel's thoughts about his Tainan experience. 

The time period was October 1966 to January 1968..

I was assigned to the 6214th Air Police Squadron at Tainan Air Base.  We were assigned Base Security.  

We performed Base Law Enforcement duties and Security for the off-site munitions bunkers and the Alert Pad. The “Pad” was where Detachment 1 of the 405th Fighter Wing out of Clark AB parked and maintained their aircraft.

We stood alert at the “Pad” where, “Locked & Loaded” F-100 Super Saber  aircraft were on “Alert” for immediate launch.  Later, F-4 Phantoms replaced the F-100s.

Our Air Police Squadron also patrolled the Main Flight Line, where US Air Force, EC-121 Early Warning Aircraft were parked, working under Operation “College Eye”  flying in support missions over the Vietnam area.  We also kept an eye on those funny little, Air America C-7A Caribou aircraft.

The Flight Line at Tainan AB also included Nationalist Chinese Air Force F-86 Sabers, C-46 and C-119 Flying Box Car aircraft.

During my last 5 months at Tainan AB, I worked in the Photo ID Building issuing ID’s to Dependents and Local Workers.

Most of these photos are of 6214th Air Police Squadron personnel all taken during my assignment.

Many photo comments were authored by Blog administrator. 

The US Air Force, Air Police Shield, with crossed .38 caliber revolvers. 
 Located at the front entrance area of the Air Police Office on Tainan Air Base.

Meet "Joe" Cobra

Strack and Hard-Core!  Look at those freshly creased and tailored uniforms.

White Hat duty today. 
Loading .38 caliber pistol at the Safety Clearing Drum
Who's that in the Arm's Room area?

 Before we pulled out for Guard Mount duty, it was  "Snack Time."   
Mel on the left with a coke and candy bar.

Lemke and Mel on the Convoy Team. 
Truck is a 1963 Dodge Power Wagon.

Left to right -  Casey, Thornton, Unknown and LeRoux.

Left to right - Casey, Thornton, Unknown and LeRoux.

Left to right - Orlenson, Casey, Thornton, Mel and Lemke.

End of Guard Mount - Mel extreme right next to B&W Buick.

“A” Flight Strike Team heading out in our 1963 Dodge Power Wagon

Lemke and Mel in front of The Inspector General Office Building and OSI office.

Firing Range – sharpen those skills with the .38 caliber pistol.
We also practiced firing Grenades from launchers on our M-16s.

Everyone checked out the old Japanese pill boxes one time or another. Mel and Heinke.

 The On-Base Antiaircraft Gun emplacements

Someone got a new Bike..

Airman Bernie Keckler helping out downtown.

The Platters, at the NCO Club, December 1966

Mel, outside the barracks.

Mel, outside Pass and Registration office, his last assignment at Tainan.

The new 1967 Chevrolet just arrived for the Tainan Security Police.
Note the beautiful 1966 Impala, far right, a POV.

A Chinese Pagoda in Tainan City.

A University in Tainan City.

An Elementary school in Tainan City.

Chung Cheng Road – the Main Drag in Tainan.  

Mitgue and Eping at Tainan Beach.

Eping at Tainan Beach.

Eping worked on-base as a civilian at the Base Dining Hall. 

Airman Tillman A/K/A “Tilly” relaxing on the shoulder of a local statue.

And, in closing, the obligatory photograph all Air Policemen are required to have in the file.

Thanks for visiting. I hope Mel Cohen's photographs brought to mind some wonderful memories for you.

Those were the days of wine and roses for most of us, youngsters just out of Moms reigns, and enjoying every minute of our time, at Tainan Air Base.

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Charles Coons said...

Any one knows Charles (Chuck) Horn? At TAB around 1958 - 1961...

Charles Coons said...

Additional data: Charles Horn (may go by Chuck) was stationed at Tainan, AirBase between 1957 - 1959. He was in Security Force. He is from either New York or Virginia. Any information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gary Hieronymus said...


Elbert Burns said...

Served in the supply squadron 1962-1965. Looking for anyone assigned to project Gray Eagle ,deployed from Tianan to Cam Rahn Bay, Viet Nam in October 1965

fathergoose said...

Checking on a charles chuck horn for charles coons. Dont know if this is charles coons contact, left a message, see if he'll call me back...Thanks !..

Charles G Horn
77 years old




Chuck Horn


39 Silver Pine Drive, Newport Coast, California 44075 Tahoe Circle, Indian Wells, California Newport Beach, California Buell Street, Downey, California 2218 Savanna Way, Palm Springs, California 39 Silver Pine Drive, Newport Coast, California E Park Drive, Palm Springs, California 2295 E Park Drive, Palm Springs, California Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey Bay Head, New Jersey Brick, New Jersey New York, New York

Joel LaChapelle said...

I was with 2165 comm on Tainan air station.went through the secured 405th area many times to service tty machined.
New years eve. 1965 brought beer in a crypto bag to share with the operator.Sorry!! It was fun through.