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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seldom Seen MAAG Taiwan Aircraft Resting at Tainan Air Base

Larry Michel sent in this photo of a MAAG Taiwan U-8F aircraft parked at Tainan Air Base sometime during 1968-1970 time period.

In 1962, Beechcraft delivered 46 new-build U-8F aircraft  to the US Army.  

A MAAG Taiwan U-8F rests at Tainan.

Color photo courtesy of Ralf Manteufel.

This U-8F was photographed at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin Germany.

Can someone comment on how many U-8F aircraft were stationed in Taiwan.

Where were the pilots assigned, and other information about MAAG Taiwan aircraft.

You can see more photos from Larry Michel in an earlier post HERE.

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