Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taipei Air Station 1962-1965

I received a note from Lawrence Russell this week.  Lawrence worked at the Joint Operations Center close to Taipei Air Station during the mid 1960s.

He sent a few photographs along, remembering some of the happy times he and his wife spent in Taipei.

Click or double click on each photo for a larger view, much easier to read and see details.

A 1963 Menu for members of the "Chow Chow Club" This weeks menu from Hotel Taiwan. Lawrence was a member of the club.  " Members of the club from Taipei Air Station  would go to a different restaurant each week to sample their cuisine. The menu looks wonderful.

Ladies of the NCO Wives Club cooking BBQ outside one of the doors at "Club 13," during one of their "Fund Raisers."  These events raised funds which made their way into the civilian community for charitable projects sponsored by the NCO Wives Club.
Bob Hope during his visit to Taipei in 1963. 
New Years Eve 1963 at Club 13.  Looks like the Champagne glasses are half half empty.  Has the New Year arrived?

Another event at Club 13.  The merry makers still have their hats on.  Must be early in the evening.  Notice the old "glass beer cans" on the table.  Those were popular in the early 1960s. What's the brand name of that beer?
William and his wife having a wonderful time at Club 13..
William's wife Barbara, standing with Ferlin Husky, a popular Country Singer at Club 13.
William's wife Barbara took up Chinese painting while they were in Taiwan.

These photos from William bring back some of the good times of his tour in Taiwan. 

We all experienced some of the same feelings during our times on the island. 

I missed the opportunity to experience the Chow Chow dinners, but I can visualize in my minds eye the hotel table and smell the aroma as the plates of steaming food are set on our table. Oh my... those were the days... our time in Taiwan.


titojohn said...

Kent, that glass stubby bottle is a Schlitz beer. See vitage poster ad here:

Anonymous said...

The date of Bob Hope's visit to Taipei is Dec 28, 1962.

BTW, that beer bottle resembles the pesticide bottle in Taiwan, so the beer didn't become one of the top sales in Taiwan.

Taipei Air Station said...

Regarding the "glass stubby bottle" in the first Comment above. I remember when those first came out, I was young, don't really remember what year, but I remember the beer companies called them "glass cans." I lived in Texas at the time, and everyone drank either Lone Star or Pearl beer, both brands, at that time, were brewed in San Antonio.