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Monday, October 1, 2012

More Color Photographs from 1962-1963 Part II. UPDATED

More Beautiful photographs from Ben Hilmes.  All were taken in 1962-1963.

Be sure to click or double click on each of these photos, the quality and detail can be seen and appreciated..  These are truly wonderful photos from the 1962-1963 time period!

The arch celebrating Double Ten Day.

Across the street, in back of the tree and stone wall between the two Taiwan flags, you can see a light green building with a Hotel sign on the roof.

That is the Green Garden Hotel.  

Our unit at Taipei Air Station in the mid-1960's would put visitors up at the Green Garden Hotel. (click for more on the hotel)

The corner of Minquan West Road and Chung Shan North Road is about one hundred yards farther up the road.

Some of the younger school boys marching in the Double 10 parade.

I do not recognize the street.

The band is passing and it looks like the Policemen are next in line.

Patrol Boats of some sort with red smoke bellowing in from the rear.


These were probably Cessna L-19 aircraft.

These look like Taiwan F-86 aircraft.

Beautiful acrobatic formation celebrating Double 10 Day.

Flying low enough for everyone to get a clear view.

Later in the day, after the parade and festivities have finished, a visit to the display area where a China MIG aircraft is on exhibition along with clothing, documents and photos.

There were a hand full of Communist China aircraft flown to Taiwan by defectors.

A list of those aircraft HERE. When the page opens, look under CHINA to see the listing of aircraft and crew defecting FROM China.

Farther down the page, look under TAIWAN to see the listing of aircraft and crew defecting FROM Taiwan. (Something seldom discussed.)

A MIG-15, one of the aircraft defecting from China.

Can someone tell us where this display was located in Taipei.

Thank you to Ben Hilmes for sharing his photos.

Many more photos from Ben soon.

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Anonymous said...
The location of the display is Taipei Municipal Sports Stadium(台北市立體育場) on Dunhua North Rd(敦化北路). The pilot of the Mig-15 is Liu, Cheng-Si(劉承司), who flew to Taiwan on March 3, 1962. The display began on Aug 14, 1962. Aug 14 is the Air Force Day in Taiwan.