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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The US Navy at Tainan - UPDATED

Many who were stationed in Taiwan were never aware of a small detachment of US Navy folks who worked out of the north end of Tainan Air Base. 

Larry Michel checked-in a few days ago and sent over a number of photos he had taken during his Tainan tour, 1968 to 1970. 

"I was stationed at NAF Naha Detachment Tango, at Tainan. We were a small detachment out of the Naval Air Facility at Naha Okinawa.

"We provided fuel and lodging to visiting Navy and Marine squadrons. A few Air Asia employees also resided in our quarters. 

“Our compound was located right next to the Chinese Air Force area on the north end of the base. We had several buildings on our compound, including our own restaurant and club. 

“I spent a lot of time on the US Air Force side, bowling a couple of nights a week at the bowling alley, visiting the Air Force theater and exchange." “We were also frequent visitors to the Magambo club and downtown Tainan. 

Main Entrance to Detachment Tango on Tainan

Det. Tango's cement water tower

Det. Tango kept a real nice looking area
One story quarters housed assigned personnel as well as various transient personnel.  The two story building in the background was used to house transient flight crew members.  Looks like these men are cutting a barrel in half for a new BBQ..

Always a dog around.
Water plant, the fish pond and the Doc's office.

Every unit has one of these type boards, but Det. Tango has a photograph of every assigned individual displayed.  Larry believes his photo is on the bottom row, last photo on the right.

Det. Tango's restaurant

A work area close to the flight line.

A couple of our fuel vehicles
Air Force C-124 lifting off above the fuel tanker

The Detachment's C-47.  Larry took a Environmental Leave to Hong Kong on this bird.
Air Force RC-121 aircraft resting at Tainan.
Navy AT-16 Sea Plane visiting Tainan.
Smoke, haze or fog partially covering a Air Force C-124 and the Air Force RC-121 aircraft toward the south.  There is the stairway with an Air Force emblem just across the fence.

A Taiwan military friend.  In the background, CAF F5A aircraft
A visiting Marine Corps F4H aircraft
Another view of the Marine Corps F4H
Local school children and teachers on the flight line to see the Navy P3 aircraft
Lots of smiling faces, they must have enjoyed the tour.  Wonder if they were able to walk inside the aircraft?
ROC F5 aircraft inside this hanger.
Tainan Military Beach - looks like the Life Guard wasn't on duty today.
Tainan Military Beach - Club House - Oh Oh! who is that on the wall soaking up the sun?
Larry departed Tainan in June of 1970.  His friend, John, sent him this 1970 Christmas Card which has all of the men that were stationed at Detachment Tango.  


 Detachment Tango can be seen on this map in coordinates G 7 and 8

Taiwan was a special place, and Tainan a wonderful assignment for most.

If you have a story and/or photos of your time in Taiwan, please write to us.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. When I arrived for my Tainan tour in 1971 the C-47 and EC-121s were gone, except that a single EC-121 of the College Eye Task Force would often remain overnight at TAB. During most of my tour the commander of Det Tango, LCdr Lew Mitchell, was something of a gourmet cook and took great pride in the food served in his restaurant. I enjoyed many a lunch at the Fly-A-Way. Among other things, it had the best burgers in town.

Les Duffin

Unknown said...

Enjoyed the photos. Am particularly glad to see the USAF EC-121D,s. I flew on College Eye 1 Sept 67 to 26 Jan 1968 on those Connies. Tainan was our Main Operating Base and Udorn, then Korat was our Forward Operating Base -- generally it was one week at Tainan, then 15 days Udorn/Korat, then repeat the cycle.
I have many fond memories of Taiwan and its people.

Thank you,

Les "Robbie" Robbins (former 964th AEW&C and College Eye)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo.

Do you know any one there who left his son behind that was born in 1968?
I know someone who's birth father is an American soldier or maybe in higher position, who was based in Taiwan during the time of your stayed.
His birth mother has gave him up for adoption to a Taiwanese family in Tainan, and later married to an American soldier and moved back to U.S.

If you know anything, or could be anyone...please share the info.

I approciate.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, who posted this 18 March 2015. Could you add a bit more detail to this missive ? I posted your missive on the Face Book sites of CCK Taichung, Taiwan and Tainan AB Taiwan. Wish you could leave me a Private Message on the FaceBook site of Tainan AB Taiwan, or write to Kent Mathieu here on his station. Your anonymity will remain so...There were many Amer-Asian birth stories. On Tainan AB Taiwan, there are 7 adults, males and females, ages 34 to 52 who have stories such as yours. Tony Coolidge'(Am. birth father Jeffrey Smith, whereabouts unknown), Leandra Jordan (Am. father unknown), Jennifer Hibran (Am. father unknown).

Mike and Lydia Mondary said...

I was fortunate enough to make a couple of 2 week dets to Tainan in 74-75. I really enjoyed it there.I was in VMCJ-1 out of Iwakuni,Japan. They had a macaque monkey there that was confiscated from a p3 crew. He was named hector and was a favorite of the guys in my squadron.

Tim G said...

I was on a det in Tainan, with VP-17, ( The P3's in the above pics ). Probably 1972. I remember a bar on base called the Latitude 23, I think. Got my first tour of a C-5. Only there a short time, but had a good time. Anyone remember the barbeque carts on the street, cooking cat. We were stationed at Barbers Point, HI.

Good memories,

Tim Garity VP-17

John S. said...

I was a C-118B Radio Operator with VR-21 home based at Barbers Pt. I stayed at Det. Tango with transient crews several times in the early 70's. It was a pretty interesting place, and I remember partying with Hector. After I got out of the service I would tell people about him and nobody would believe me. I still have my Ramp Pass from there among my souvenirs. Memories.

Tim said...

2 friends, Tom Findlay and Larry Graham were in VR-21, I think.