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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Armed Forces Radio Taiwan - June 1958

Fifty-four years ago, the radio waves in and around Taiwan reverberated with the sounds and music of the day, courtesy of the Armed Forces Radio station in Taipei, AM and Shortwave.

My friend Scott, came across this booklet on-line and offered the winning bid for it.

I think you'll find the content to be quite interesting. Depending on your age, you might recognize some of the programs that the station broadcast each week.  

There was no television in Taiwan in 1958.  Most of our entertainment came from radio, and if you had the time to listen, there was something for everyone.  

Lots of folks had a shortwave radio set at their home.  If the weather was just right, you might enjoy one of many stations broadcasting in English from around the world.

This radio schedule, was similar to our TV schedules of today.

I can still remember listening to some of the non-music programs on AFRT, especially the weekly program hosted by Joe Brooks, who was, in 1958, Program Director.  Years later, (1965-1968) Joe was still at the microphone in Taipei, relating stories that would make the hair on your neck stand on end as he related old ghost stories from his days in China. Joe Brooks was considered an "Old China Hand."

Take a few minutes to glance through the booklet, you'll probably recognize something.

These weekly program schedules were probably printed using a mimeograph machine, one similar to this "stock" photo.  Note: I doubt the First Sergeant was involved in the printing of this booklet at AFRT.....  You can click or double click on each page for a much larger, clear, and sharper view.


You've seen the weekly schedule from June 1958.

I'd say the folks over at the radio station did a fine job of presenting a wide variety of programming.

Did you notice, the station was on the air from 0600 to 2400 hours only.  There was no 24 hour programming in those early days of AFRT.

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Charles said...

" . . . the folks over at the radio station did a fine job of presenting a wide variety of programming."

I'll second that; I was an American Student in Taiwan when the US pulled out; the radio station changed from "Armed Forces Radio Taiwan" to "International Radio Taipei." But, they still did a fantastic job with a variety of programming - loved them for that.

bambera said...

I have to agree with the radio programming. I lived in Taipei and went to school there from 1956-1963. The photos poste between 1962-1963 have special meanings for me. I was there at each photo in person. I was an altar boy at St Christopher's Church, played at Playland and recall the floating restaurant before and after the typhoon. Great photos. check out my blog at