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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Color Photographs from 1962-1963 - UPDATED

Some time ago, I came across a beautiful photograph of the Taipei Children's Park.  

The photo took in the Children's Park, the river as well as the old Grand Hotel. 

I wanted to post the photo on this blog and my efforts to find the photographer were successful.  

Here is the photo... 

Be sure to click or double click on each of these photos, the quality and detail can be seen and appreciated..  These are truly wonderful photos from the 1962-1963 time period!

The color photo that caught my attention.  

The photo was taken by Mr. Ben Hilmes.  Ben was stationed at Shu Linkou Air Station during 1962-1963.  Mr. Hilmes sent me a CD with many color photographs he took around Taipei and other places in Taiwan. 

Children's Park is still operating on the same site, along the south bank of the Keelung River, just to the left side of Chung Shan North Road as it crosses the river toward the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel above, as it looked in the 1960's. More impressive today, but, not the resort atmosphere of the old days...

Adjoining Children's Park back-in-the-day was the Taipei Zoo.  In 1986 the zoo was relocated to a new site in the south of Taipei. The Taipei Zoo has quite a history.

While we are in this area of Taipei, let's visit some of scenes along Chung Shan North Road, as seen through the lens of Ben's camera.

Taken from the bridge across the Keelung River.

 The floating restaurant which was open until it was sunk during a typhoon. It appears that this photo was taken just after the Grand Opening, notice floral stands on the river bank.

In the background, the building that housed US Taiwan Defense Command Headquarters.

Beautiful restaurant. 

Notice the height of the stone wall along the north side of the river.  

Today, the wall is enormous, holding back the flooding that once took place along the river.

Chung Shan North Road, flood water from the Keelung River. City buses still operating, pedicabs waiting for customers.

I believe these two photos were taken looking north, probably in the Shu Linkou NCO Club area.

The flood waters have receded along Chung Shan North Road.
A quick nap as time permits. Looks pretty comfortable under that shade tree.

Mr Wang Chun in a Comment to this post, remarked:   
"On that signpost there are five Chinese characters 「美軍顧問團」.  It means MAAG."

The quality of this photo is not the best.

This is another photo of the area just south of the HSA East Compound Gate.
The Shu Linkou NCO Club entrance sidewalk is across the street a few feet to the left of what appears to be a Chevy convertible.

The famous "K" Shoe and Tailor shop in the right background.

Lots of folks visited the Shu Linkou NCO Club. Located a short distance from the Exchange and Commissary, the club was a place to relax the body and refresh our spirits before heading home.

This photo, the first I have ever seen of the walkway into the club entrance.... it was beautiful!

What an inviting walk way, the grounds uplift your spirit, welcoming you inside...
What sweet days these were!

Looking south on Chung Shan North Road in the vicinity of St. Christopher's Church.

Entrance to St. Christopher's Catholic Church.

Today, the church still stands, new buildings have been constructed on the property.

Inside the church, 1962-1963

The MAAG Officer's Club was just to the left of this photo.

The Children's Park is just to left of the yellow and white bus up the street.

We walk back up Chung Shan North Road to the Children's Park. Circa 1962-1963.

Looks like a roller rink.

 These children spending a day at the Children's Park and Zoo.

Looks like the zoo was a little too much for this boy, it's time for a rest.

 Many more beautiful color photos from Ben coming.


titojohn said...

Great pictures. Brings back lots of great memories. Thanks for sharing.

新聞老鳥 said...

Photo 1

Sorry to correct you, Mr. Mathieu, but the river is not Tamsui River. It's Keelung River.

Photo 6

Behind the pedicab, there's a bus stop signpost for bus No. 10.

On that signpost there are five Chinese characters 「美軍顧問團」. It means MAAG.

Fabulous pictures for fabulous yesterdays.

Wang Chun

Taipei Wang said...

I came from Taiwan.Thanks for sharing!The grand Hotel picture are so amazong!