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Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful Tainan Photographs from 1967-1969 Time Period - Part II - UPDATED

Captain Ralph Henricks, USAF, was assigned to Tainan Air Base, where he served as the Base Procurement Officer from November 1967 to December 1969.

We have posted photos from Captain Henricks previously. 

There are a number of his photographs in the Taipei AS Web Pages, look HERE.

A previous series of photographs from Captain Henricks, which followed the construction of a new water line were posted on this blog, look HERE.

Today, photos taken in and around the city of Tainan. 1967-1969

Be sure to click or double click on each photo for a larger easy to see photo

Tainan street 1968.  Looks like cool winter weather.  Nice looking pedicabs.
Lots of weight in those Rice bags.  Life was not easy in Taiwan during this period.
Have these folks just purchased this charcoal or are they on the way to market their charcoal?  In most homes, charcoal was the fuel used to cook meals, which caused terrible air pollution.  

This peddler has every type of broom and household gadget you might ever need.
Tainan Main Railroad Station
Not a privately owned vehicle in sight.  A few taxis, a couple of motor scooters and bicycles.                              Today, on this circle - ciaos....

On the circle, Hotel Tainan.  What is that old Japanese Era building on the right?

Anyone recognize the government building on the right?
The school's name written above the gate.
Late afternoon shadows along this street. Do you recognize the Lions Club sign.

077 sign on street level.  Is it a knock-off 007 film or a typical misspelling?
Fruit vendor outside gate to a park. I see citrus and bananas on the cart.

UPDATE: A reader of this blog, wrote in and identified the name over the entrance as, Taiwan Provincial Cheng Kung University.    Read about the university HERE.


Anonymous said...

The building on the right in the seventh photo is China Daily News(中華日報), which used to be Nippon Kangyo Bank(日本勸業銀行) in the Japanese era.

Anonymous said...

The last pic is not a gate to park. Its gate of Cheng Kung University.

Anonymous said...
The government building on the right in the eighth image is probably Tainan High Court(台南高等法院). It used to be a three-story building as is shown in the photo, and its fourth floor was added in 1978.

老虎一號 said...

Not a typo! There really was an agent 077! played by actor Ken Clark!

FrankHuang said...

The school's name written above the gate...
This school is the Tainan City Secondary Kindergarten.
It has been moved to somewhere else now.
This place in the photo has been converted into a small park.

Sofia said...

I used to live in Tainan for 10 years. The last pic is the gate of my school, Cheng-kung University. One of the places I used to live in Tainan was quite close to the air force base.