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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Return to Taiwan Tour - On the Bus - Day 6

The day opened with a burst of direct sunlight showing into the hotel room.  Peeking out the window, the clouds and blue sky brought a warmth to my heart.

We packed up, and made our way to the dining room on the first floor, arriving just as the doors opened.

After breakfast, we took our bags outside the front door where our bus was parked. It was a beautiful day.

The gate to Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, just across the highway from our hotel.

 Just to the left kitty corner across the street, lots of stores and a McDonald's.

To the left of this photo was a road that went south toward the beach, a short block away.

This building is one of a few buildings that is believed to have been associated with a MAAG Taiwan R&R site run by the Taiwan government.

This gives you a better idea of the area. 
The building in the above photo (pink) can be seen in this photo on the right side.

Matching up the trees on the right of this photo with the trees on the left of the above photo.
Gene believes the cottages were located in the trees just beyond the yellow building and trees to the right of this photo.

The beach, just to the left of the above photo.

What a wonderful place to spend a few days!  A cottage, western food, a club.  
What more could you ask for?

There was a short piece on this R&R site on the Internet a few years ago.  
It still shows up but when it opens, the page has been deleted.

If anyone can help fill in the blanks on this Center, we would appreciate your thoughts.  
Maybe you spent some time here?

Everyone was waiting for us; we jumped on the bus and were off.
First stop this morning.

Lots of beautiful views from the lookout areas.

We got back in our bus and headed west toward Kaohsiung.

We pulled into a Tourist Stop which sold all kinds of fresh and dried fruit.

It was a bathroom break as well as a chance to sample all of the fresh and dry fruit.

I'm sure some of our folks took home a few bags of the dry fruit.

We came into Kaohsiung and went directly to the tunnel under the port that took us to Cijin District, an island in the harbor, where a giant seafood dinner awaited us.

Our restaurant.  A couple of blocks from the fisherman's boats. 
Nothing but fresh seafood here.

Swimming in the tank, these shrimp recently arrived at the restaurant.

They were scooped up and boiled, here is our appetizer dish.

Most of the dishes, the shrimp long gone.

When the fish arrived, it was gone moments later.

After dinner we walked a short block down to the water where the fishing boats were tied up.

All quiet here.  

We got back in our bus and drove to the north end of the island.

Our driver let us off the bus as the street ended.

Today was Saturday, lots of parents, young people and children were on the island.

A pony ride anyone.  Not sure what was in the red boxes here.

This is where our group split up.

Holly, was bothered walking uphill and my knee was swollen, so we walked down the street to the Ferry landing to sit and  wait for the rest of the group who were going up the hill to visit the Cihou fort and light house.

Here at the corner, at the hospital, we begin walking a few blocks to the Ferry Landing.

There's the Ferry Landing building just ahead.

The streets in this area of the island are blocked off to traffic.

We found a seat just by the police station to wait for rest of the group.

On the map, the fort and lighthouse are pointed out.

Gene and the rest of our group are on top of the hill in the old fort area.

Looking back to where the bus dropped us off. 

L to R:  Holly, Twan, Gene, Ted.

The air quality was very poor today, look out in the distance.

Quite a change from the Pacific Coast and Kenting yesterday.

Old bunkers at the fort

The Cihou Lighthouse.

Looks like it's in great shape.

Kaohsiung Harbor from the Lighthouse at Cihou.

As the camera swings northward across the north port entrance.

Terrible air quality.  There was no wind today.

Walking down from the fort and lighthouse, we passed this very old house.

Just outside the Ferry Landing Pedicabs waiting for fares.
These pedicabs are for tourists or locals who want to ride only on a few streets in this area.
Pedicabs are no longer a form of transportation on city streets.

We're getting in line to board the ferry which will take us back to the city landing.

This area, streets closed to traffic.  Police station just to right.

Gene, Holly and Twan walk to the ferry.
Looks like it could use a paint job.....

We're off, see ya.

We're leaving, here's a ferry arriving from the other side of the harbor.

We'll close for today.

Tomorrow, more from our 2 day stay in Kaohsiung.

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新聞老鳥 said...

At the center point of the photo with caption ''Kaohsiung Harbor from the Lighthouse at Cihou'', we can see a gray military vessel anchoring at a pier.

That is the famous Pier 13. Numerous US naval ships had been anchored there in those good old days.

At the center point of the photo with caption''Terrible air quality. There was no wind today'', we can much clearly see this Taiwan navy ship.

Some years ago, I visited this lighthouse and overlooked the harbor. That day I found one of Taiwan's two submarines bought from Holland anchoring at Pier 13.

Feel sorry for your legs.

Best Regards

Wang Chun