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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Return to Taiwan Tour 2011 - On the Bus - Day 4

We had breakfast in the hotel dining room and got aboard our bus.

First unannounced stop this morning, the post office to get stamps and mail post cards to friends abroad.

Again this morning, traffic was light as we headed through town and made our way south on Highway 9.

It had rained overnight, the road was damp, showers on and off, not completely overcast, but at times, rain showers passed overhead.

In a short time, we turned left off the highway and made our way down a number of unmarked roads toward a private landing strip and B&B owned by a friend of Gene.  

 As we arrived, we some of the equipment used in constructing the private landing strip.

The grass landing strip can be seen just across the road,  in back of that shed.
Low hanging clouds... 

New aircraft hangers under construction

Dogs everywhere in Taiwan, 90% are black and are of the same Heinz 57 variety

It's time to get going. 
Gene calls everyone back as Shirley jumps the water puddles heading for the bus.
The B&B building is at the end of the hanger, the two story unit.

The road back to Highway 9.

We're off to  Lake Liyu.

You get the general layout of the lake and surrounding areas.

Check out these clouds.  I was intrigued with how low they hung along the sloops.

We walked up to the shop area to look around, like normal tourists.  Never know what you might find in a tourist shop.

Our bus is parked across the street, left edge of the photo above.

These folks have bicycles for rent.  
How about this cool looking green 2 seater.
There are bicycles trails all over this area.

Not many visitors here this wet, weekday, morning. 
On weekends this place must be packed with local folks.

More bikes, strap you child in the front seat and take off.  

 Here at the lake, real quiet.  The rain showers kept folks away.

On the way out to our bus, everyone was reminded of the rules on trash

We were off to the Chihnan Forest Park, a short drive south.

We entered the forest park and our first stop was the Logging Equipment Museum which displayed some of the equipment used to cut and move timber off these mountains.

A really nice building, probably just refurbished. 

Walk carefully, slick tile ahead, it's been raining and the tile was damp.

Thankfully, the museum put out a piece of carpet to help dry off shoes.  Nice gesture..

Before I went inside the museum, I had to take a few photos from the sidewalk.  Here looking back down on the lake area we just visited.
This area was lush... It smelled so sweet. 
And, those clouds, a continuing delight.

Some of the equipment displayed inside the museum.

Gene, pointing out what's ahead.
One of the old cable cars and an explanation of how they were use.

Gene and Shirley off to the right.

The Forest Trail begins here.

I was taking it in, so beautiful, absolutely quiet, sweet air, what a blessing.

It might be time to get one of those bamboo poles.

We moved over to the Nature Center building.
Large wood carving to the right.

This building was originally one of Chiang Ki-shek's homes. 
The government maintained many homes throughout Taiwan for Chiang's use.

When we walked into the building, after being greeted by the employees, the first thing we encountered was a hair dryer, what an idea.

Just to the left, behind the white drapes, an audio/visual theater.

We were invited inside and shown a 20 minute or so video on a large movie screen. 

An excellent film explaining the history of this area, the forest and logging with many of old pieces showing the logging taking place.

The mountain area has been closed to logging for a number of years.

Holly and Shirley examining the many varieties of wood found in these mountains.

Just yesterday I was excited over the loads of butterflies at the hotel in the mountains where we had lunch.  Here is one tray of specimens.  These are not small butterflies.

You saw the displays of specimens of the trees of this area, in a photo above.

Here is my favorite, the camphor.  It still had that beautiful smell, I just put my finger in the center of the log, rubbed it and inhaled.  Ummmmmm.

Outside the building, on the front patio area, these photos.     What a view.  

Not a wonder why the home was built on this location, mountains behind, lake view ahead.  

Back in the days when Chiang visited here, the trees would have been much shorter, affording a clearer view of the property, lake and mountains in the distance.

I stepped off the patio and moseyed around the area in front of the visitor center.
After reading a different snake bite sign,  you know, I think next time I'll wear leather boots.

The morning hours have expired, everyone is hungry.

It's time to eat, and we have reservations at a restaurant not far down the road.

Our bus is waiting, we load up and are on the way.

We'll pick up in tomorrow's post.



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