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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Look at the CCK Museum

Many of you will remember viewing our videos of the American Footsteps Museum on CCK Air Base last year.  

I thought it might be appropriate to again run these three videos for the folks that have recently found our blog.  I know there are many folks who were stationed at CCK and have only recently found the spare time to begin searching the web for sites that discuss CCK.

Here they are, the three video presentations, quite informal, made while walking around inside the CCK Museum.

Be sure to open each video to "Full Screen" view, it's so much easier to see the videos more clearly if you open full screen view.

Each video is approximately 10 minutes in length.  

I'm sure you'll see something that you will remember from your days at CCK.

If you would like to contribute something from your assignment at CCK that might be added to the items on display in the museum, please email Gene at -  

Gene is our coordinator with CCK for the museum.

Your comments are always appreciated, please leave a note in a comment below.

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