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Monday, January 9, 2012

Return to Taiwan Tour 2011 - On the Bus - Day 3 - 2d Continuation

This Day 3 post is getting rather long.  I hope I haven't bored you. 

The way I look at it, the more you can see of the tour, the more Taiwan and it's beauty will lay in your heart.

Yesterday we closed at a hotel (cabins) in the mountains.  

Today, we begin at the flower beds just outside the hotel dining room.  I know some one will think, "FLOWER BEDS!"  Yes, lots of beauty in these beds.

Most of us are retired, why take a few moments, look over and enjoy the photos...

 A Lady Bug... in the blur of the photo, at least two butterflies

Butterflies here and below

This butterfly was very big, kind of like the boulders in the river.

Some of the cabins, these just to the right, outside the dining room.  

These cabins sit across a large grass area from the dining room. 
Lush mountains above and around.
I saw NO mosquitoes!  Unbelievable..

 Motorcycle photo courtesy of Gulf Man Collection Blog

 As we left the hotel area, the Rural Route Mailman was pulling out. He is driving a Taiwan Postal van, notice their distinct green color.  Most mail in Taiwan is delivered by postal men and women riding small motorcycles.

We jumped in our bus, can you guess which bus is ours. (two buses in the Postal Truck photo,)
and made our way a short distance down the hill to a small group of buildings which display some of the history of the local Aborigine tribes of this area.

I ran this through Photoshop and darkened it up so it would be easier on the eyes.

Let's take a rest, close your eyes and relax, it's absolutely quiet up here.  So peaceful....

Left to right - unknown, Ted with hands on stomach, Gene, Ann, unknown just behind Ann.
People gathered around this Poinsettia bush, it was November and the beautiful flowers were in bloom.

We gathered back on our bus and drove downward along the river.

Some interesting information about this area.

Remarkable what these men did, 226 lost their lives!

A difficult job, in a dangerous place at a precarious time in Taiwan's history.

We entered the Taroko Gorge at this same gate,  51 years after this photo was taken.

One last look at Taroko Gorge - the beautiful blue water against the white marble. 

No where else but TAIWAN.....

We drove out of the hotel area down to Highway 8, turned right and proceeded east until we reached Highway 9, where we turned right.

Our first stop was a marble factory and showroom.

We received a special tour of the factory area. 

Look at the various colors and the size of the slabs and sheets

Here men are cutting the marble on one of the large machines, lots of water flowing around.

Nice piece - how about a new dining room table, big enough for your family?

  Some cut to measure orders awaiting shipment.

Tile Warehouse Hualien...
These have been sitting here a long time. 

Marble and Jade, big stone, big plant, big operation.

Some of the items outside the door to the sales area.
This would be ideal for a porch, cool marble in the summer.  It's sized for adults, although it was probably manufactured for local folks who are shorter and would want a shorter chair.

Nice horse for the Grand Children

More carvings.  Standing by the door, Shirley and Holly.

We entered the Sales Area

This eagle cut from green marble caught my eye.

Lots of jewelry cases.  The store was set-up with the least expensive in this area.  As you walked down toward the far wall, the more expensive pieces were displayed.

Along the side walls, these type of pieces were displayed.

Just next to this display was a large circular marble table with marble chairs.  The shop sent out a large kettle of hot tea with nice marble cups.

I believe a couple of the ladies on our tour bought pieces from the shop.
Here Twan and Shirley are inspecting a ring.

We left the Marble Factor complex and made our way down Highway 9 to a small museum and store run by some local farmers

We're stopping for today.  There are only 2 more stops on our Day 3 route.

Tomorrow, the museum and a building allegedly used by Japanese Kamikaze Pilots for R&R.

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