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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In and Around Taipei - 1974

We're taking a break from our Taiwan Tour posts, which will resume in a day or two.
Today instead,  we'll look at a few photographs taken in 1974 in and around Taipei.

George Lane, who worked for STRATCOM and USACC visited Taiwan on a number of occasions, taking these and other beautiful photographs.

Please help us identify the location of these photos.

On final approach (flaps down) to Sungshan, 1974. 

Is this the Danshui or Keelung River?   I don't recognize the island.

Chungshan North Road?  I see the Singapore Airlines office just across the street.

No idea, close to the Main Station?

The yellow taxi moving by, this must have been one of the first Yellow taxis in Taipei.


Taipei Main Station. 1974.

You can just about hear the water falling into the pool, makes me thirsty ....

Is this an old commuter train?

Somewhere down in Ximen area?

I don't recognize this photo.  

There is an Army truck parked, a bus, lots of bicycles and pedicabs.

And, a noddle stand.

Standing on the steps of the National Taiwan Museum looking straight down the street toward the old Taipei Main Station.

Stock photo of the National Taiwan Museum and the 228 Peace Park.

The photo just above this, was taken from these steps on the museum, looking north,  toward Taipei Main Station.

National Palace Museum in 1974.

The grounds and museum are quite a bit different today.

Thank you George Lane for sharing your beautiful photographs.

George tells me he has many slides in the process of being digitized and we may soon see more of these 1970's photographs from George's collections.

Please leave your comments on these photographs below.  

I am sure many will appreciate knowing where these were taken.

So long ago, but still in our hearts.


Harris Kuo said...

Dear Sir,
The second photo shows Chungshan N. Road, Section 2. The bus stop on the left reads Taiwan Cement Building.

The third photo shows the intersection of Henyang Street and Chungching South Road. The bus turning left is heading to the direction of the Presidential Office, just about three hundred meters away from the intersection.

The sixth photo shows the Gweiyang Street of the Xiamen area.

The seventh photo shows somewhere at the Taipei Railroad Station. The sign on the right reads Railroad Restaurant. And the Army truck, I believe, parks near the Army Transportation Officer’s Office where enlisted men and officers can get discount ticket to board the train.

I enjoy visiting your blog very much. My elementary school called Ming Chuang Elementary School is not far from Taipei Air Station.

Have a great Chinese New Year, the Year of Dragon.


lincs said...

第1張照片是在三重(Sanchong)的上空,河流是淡水河(Danshui River),左側的橋樑是台北橋(Taipei Bridge)。

第3張照片應該是在重慶南路(Chungching South Road)與漢口街(Hankou Street)交叉口,左側雲五大樓目前還在,即臺灣商務印書館(The Commercial Press, Ltd.),但外牆已有更改。

Harris Kuo said...

Thank you, lincs, for the correction. The third one does show the intersection of Hankou Street and Chungching South Road. The building on the left is the Commercial Press Ltd.


lincs said...

第7張照片比較像是嘉義車站(Chiayi Station)。

Inhelix said...

Dear Sir:

Thank you providing so precious photos to us. The No.6 photo wasn't taken from Ximenting. It should be taken at the cross road of Nanking West Road & Taiyuan Rd. The photographer should stand on the pedestrian overcrossing and face the south to the train station forward to Tamsui. Here is the google map photo for your reference.Thanks again for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is the Tan Shui river and the bridge over the island is from San Chung to Hsi Men Ting.

Singapore Airlines is on Sung Chiang N road.

The train could be from Taipei to Tam Shui as there is only one railroad track.

But then I am old and could very well be wrong.

Loren Aandahl said...

The railway photo is of a commuter train coming in to Taipei on the Tanshui Line. The locomotive is a General Motors-Electro Motive Division model GA8. 21 were delivered to the Taiwan Railway in 1966 and were designated the S300 class.