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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CCK Base Hospital and Dental Clinic Vet Checks-In

Nice letter arrived today from John Perkins who spent his tour working in the CCK Hospital.  

I worked at the CCK base hospital and the base dental clinic during my tour.
I arrived on-base 9/2/73 and departed 9/2/74. I was in Medical Admin. as a 90650. 
The first 3 months were very busy processing records out to CONUS and for the wing returning to Clark AB, Philippines.  After that it was like a vacation.  

The work volume dropped so low that our OIC (the ranking officer on-base) cut our work week to 4 days at the dental clinic.  I used the extra day off to take the incentive military hop to Taipei every Wednesday.  

Also took the tour bus on-base to visit all around the island for day and weekend trips. 

I wasn't a bar hopper but used to play guitar at the base chapel on talent night once a week along with a friend who played a grass banjo.  We won 2nd place in a talent contest on airmen Appreciation Day.  Loved the base pool at CCK.  

Rented a 3 bedroom furnished home on Ta-Poon Rd. off Ta-Ya Rd. across the street from Morrison Academy for $48 a month (then.) I didn't care for the foot-long cockroaches in the house at night or the rats in the open Benjos or the rude 

Taiwanese mothers who would let their toddlers urinate on the floor of the trains I took instead of using the bathrooms provided. 

I liked taking the local buses (not the smoker-bus by Greyline) because the local buses would give me a military discount fare when I was in uniform,(1.3NT). 

I loved listening to Wolfman Jack on AFNT  and Karl Haas (Adventures in Good Music-All Classical music) on AFNT-FM.  

Overall, a very good assignment.

John Perkins
Viera, FL

Earlier this year we wrote about the CCK Base Hospital and their  "Unique"unit patch.  

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Many of you also probably remember Wolfman Jack.   Read about him.   

Why not write and tell us about your time at CCK.        

And, check out the CCK Facebook site.


Dan Herdman said...

I was stationed at cck from April of 72 till the close in 73 .

I started out in the GTC shop
, part of the engine shop I then went to flight line and then on to become a flying engine man. We went with the planes to trouble shoot problems that seemed to happen only. In flight. What a great job ! From there I went on to Calif. Hated it so. I put in to go backoverseas. I was able to go but I went to Clark and I went as a loadmasters. I was assigned to 21TAS . Stayed another 5 1/2 years, then I separated to civilian.

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