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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kaohsiung Port Call in the Summer of 1954 - Part 3

Scenes along the road to Tainan

Taiwan Officer
This Taiwan Officer was sightseeing too and kindly posed for this picture in front of an old fort we were visiting.

Irrigation Aquaduct
Irrigation water flowing into an open aqueduct or ditch near Tainan
Tank Barrier Wall This tank barricade was somewhere near Tainan, as I recall -1
This tank barricade was somewhere near Tsoying. 
I expect it was built during the years of Japanese rule.

Rice Paddy
This is one of several rice paddies as we drove toward Tainan in 1954.
Rice Farmer
More rice paddies on our drive to Tainan in 1954.
Kaoshiung Movie Theater
A movie theater in Tainan 1954
Tainan Side Street
This is a side street or alley way in Tainan.
Tainan Main Street
 This is one of the main streets in Tainan in 1954. 
I was with a bunch of sailors out touring from our ship, moored in Kaohsiung harbor.
Tainan Airport
These are military F-84 jets and C-46's at the airport in Tainan Airport in 1954. 
There is a silver colored aircraft parked next to the first C-46, it looks like a C-47. 
Can anyone else make out aircraft, is it a C-47?
Taiwan Military Jet
One of the F-84 aircraft at Tainan Airport in 1954.
Tainan Airport
The Tainan airport in 1954. 
The aircraft is a CAT Airlines C-46.  
There a C-47 sitting off to the right.

Black Sand Beach

This is a black sand beach near Tainan. 
Our group of touring sailors stopped here for a swim and some fun
Beach Party Liberty This is a black sand beach in Taiwan near Tsoying -2
Beach Party Liberty at black sand beach near Tsoying.
We were relaxing at this black sand beach in Tsoying The Taiwan Marines were here too 
We were relaxing at this black sand beach near Tainan. 

The Taiwan Marines were here too. This is one of the tracked vehicles they were running up and down the beach.
Many thanks to David Putnam for permitting us to post his beautiful color photographs from 1954.  

I know many who visit this blog will enjoy seeing how the area looked in 1954. 57 Years Ago!
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新聞老鳥 said...

Photo 6

Left billboard shows painting of the movie '' Dragon Seed. "

The bottom of the painting says : "米高梅出品轟動影壇我國抗戰背景不朽金像獎巨片"

It means : "A blockbuster Academic Award winning movie by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. about our country fighting against Japan. "

As matter of fact, this movie was realeased in 1944. It's an old movie from 9 years ago.

Detailed information can be found on

As for the right billboard, it's a Japanese movie called ''The voice of female."

Quite interesting, paintings of American made anti-Japanese movie and Japanese movie are side by side on two billboards.

In front of the cinema theater, there is a police night watching box below the billboards.

According to the Chinese characters, this box belongs to First Precinct of Tainan City Police Bureau.

Best Regards

Wang Chun

Anonymous said...

The man in the first photo is actually a police officer. And I'm pretty sure the site is what's left of the old Dutch fort called Fort Provintia (Chi Kan Lou).

新聞老鳥 said...

Photo 6 and photo 8

In these two pictures, we can see some local people walking down the street with bare foot.

Some others wear sandals or flip-flops.

The only decent leather shoes in photo 8 are those shoes US sailers wear.

1950's is a pitiful time for my pifitul country.

Thanks for the help from US.

Anonymous said...

The aircraft next to the C-46 is not a Gooney Bird (C-47), it's too small to be so. The C-47 was close to the same size as the Commando (C-46). It's a twin-tail bird, maybe a Lockheed Electra?? My
Dad had a home movie of the same kind of aircraft (Commercial version) from years back. Is it the same aircraft that Anita Erhart went missing in in the Pacific?

Anonymous said...

Amelia Earhart was flying a Lockheed Electra, but the aircraft in the Tainan photo is more likely a Beech C-45 Expeditor.

Alex said...

The map of Fort Provintia (Chi Kan Lou).,120.202572&spn=0.00216,0.004128&fb=1&gl=tw&hq=%E8%B5%A4%E5%B4%81%E6%A8%93&view=map&cid=17466488504101853084&brcurrent=3,0x346e767276251953:0x8b67fb153133b0d5,0,0x346e7ccc953ffe13:0xd47f4caaa5dc764e&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6

Pat said...

I served in Taiwanese marine for one year.
and i can tell u honestly.

the landing ship is still running in the corp now haha