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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Return to Taiwan Trip - "After Action Report" is in the Works

Some of you who are regular readers of this Blog will recall seeing a few posts during the past year or so concerning our "Return to Taiwan Trip."

I am happy to report that the trip was very successful...

I generally stick to subjects relating to Back-in-the-Day events and times, we as US Military folks were involved in.  There are thousands of stories to report (if you send them in.)

However, travel in Taiwan is something few of us took advantage of. Many folks were so involved in work that there just wasn't time to explore the island.

Now that we have reached retirement time in our lives, we have time to reflect on our past.  Those thoughts of Taiwan are solid, and probably bring many smiles, warming the hearts of many.  I'm sure many of you wonder what the island looks like.  It's unbelievable... Driving south along the east coast, wow!!  The southern tip of Taiwan, reminded me of Hawaii in many ways.  Clean fresh breezes... 

Be sure to read our After Action Reports as they are published, 
I've started writing the After Action Report for Day 1 of the trip.  Before I can upload it, I need a few more photos.  We are awaiting some additional photos from folks who went on the tour.

I'll leave you with a taste of what's coming up...  Beautiful, many of us never knew of this resort...

Here is the beach at Kenting where US MAAG had some resort cabins. My friend Gene pointed the area out.  

The cabins have been removed, although there are some other buildings here which may have stood back in the day.  

I ask you, would you have spent a few days here enjoying the sun and surf?  Ahhhhhhh.....

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