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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystery Photograph Somewhere in Taiwan - UPDATED

I received this photograph in the mail today.

It was taken in Taiwan. 

Rather than tell you where it was taken, lets see who can ID the photo.

Your guess? - Place and date maybe...

I'll let the answers accumulate until Monday, 22 June.

Leave your answer in a Comment below.

Have a great Father's Day.. 

Here's the answer.

It was taken at the MAAG Club outside of Tainan AS.

I thought someone from Tainan may have recognized what looks like a brick fire place on the left wall of the photo. 

Breakfast time, probably a Sunday morning in 1956, as I remember, in 1959 we were working on Saturday mornings until noon unless there was an Inspection of some sort.

The  "good old days"  huh...

Photo courtesy of Bill Gray circa 1956

Bill Writes..." To the left in this room was the bar which had a black/white mural of the New York City skyline painted on the wall.  And going through the door in the upper left, where the waitress is standing, would take you to the main ball room where we danced the night away.

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Inhelix said...

Was that the "PX" in Taipei on Chung Shan North Rd?