Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Time to Read the History That Brought You and I to Taiwan..

A friend forwarded a link to me which goes into great detail on background events prior to the establishment of MAAG Taiwan.

I was in the dark on much of this history, some has probably been published elsewhere, but I have not read it.

You won't believe how things came about in those early days after Chiang moved his government into Taiwan.

Take a chance, read the article, you'll be surprised.

Open it  HERE.

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James S said...

That link no longer works. I did a bit of searching - was it this one?

Great site, by the way. I didn't get to Taiwan till '93 but my first landlord in Taipei had worked with the air force, where he learned (and I quote) "profane English" from his American colleagues! Fascinating history.