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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Fews Minutes Along the Xindian River

Yesterday, I headed out on my bicycle, peddling over to the Xindian River.

As I moved onto the river path, it was already close to 90 degrees F.  I took my time, stopping along the way when shade was available to cool down and refresh with a drink of water.

As I moved farther down the river, I had a change in plans.  I decided to take the new bridge across the river and try filming my ride as I traveled the bike path.  

The results are captured in the two videos below.

The first video begins on top of the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Xindian River a mile or so north of Green Lake.  The second film is a continuation from where the first video stopped.

The videos were taken at eye level, as I moved north along the river paths.

This is a different way to explore and see the area, hope you find the ride enjoyable and see something along the way you haven't seen before.

Most of you who were stationed in Taipei probably visited Green Lake at one time.  The old highway to the lake would have taken you right past Taipei Air Station and onward down Roosevelt Road toward Green Lake.

Next time, I'll bike all the way to Green Lake, and we'll have a look around the area, the area facilities are really nice today.

Let me know if you would like to see more of these type of films from the bike angle..

1 comment:

monkey0524 said...

I'm just curious...
Are you living in Xindian New Taipei City?
Cause I'm a resident of Xindian...

I found this blog incidentally and I think this blog is so awesome...

And I would like to thanks you for serving my country for the past years.

I will keep following your blog as well