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Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and The ACC Club in Taipei

Want to remind those folks in Taipei who are able to break free for an hour or so next Monday, 28 May, to come by the old Taipei Prison Wall, as we honor our fallen at a Memorial Day Ceremony.

HERE is an article with all the information on the ceremony.  Come out and honor our fallen.

We know some folks return to Taiwan on vacation to visit the old places and see how the country has grown from those days long ago when you walked the streets in Taiwan.

Many who visit want to experience the culinary vistas of eating local food again.  Those dinners are wonderful and add to the excitement of your visit.  But, local food does not always satisfy your tummy and you crave getting more than a McDonald's Quarter Pounder into your mouth.

May I suggest you visit the old Club 63 building, now the American Club in China (ACC). 

The facilities are FIRST Class.  Their food is wonderful, and yes, they serve a varied menu of food, you'll find what you want.  You can have breakfast all day long if that's what you crave.

Here's the catch, not everyone can enjoy the club.  The ACC is a Private Club and they are very strict on who enters.  

1.  You can apply for a Guest Membership.  The cost runs about NT $14,800 per month.  They also offer a one week Guest Membership for about NT $4,100.  The kicker is that you must secure the signature of a ACC Member or Associate Member.  Just about eliminates most of us huh?

2.  If you are a member of a private club in the US or another overseas location, you need to find out if your club has a reciprocal agreement with the Taipei ACC.  Many Private Clubs have agreements with other clubs around the world.  If you are traveling, you should consider this option.

I was aware of the ACC's rules and decided to join a private club in the US before I flew to Taiwan this year.  

In addition to being able to visit the ACC, for a two week period, I can also take advantage of visits to other clubs throughout the world, which hold reciprocal agreements with my club.  Quite a nice added benefit.

This past Wednesday, after presenting all the paperwork to the membership office at ACC, I was granted entrance to the club's facilities.

We had lunch in the Terrace restaurant.  They have a small but hearty soup and salad bar with a few hot dishes, many cold salads, fresh fruit and desserts.

The soup and salad bar above, the food display area extends more to the left. 

Yesterday, we returned to the ACC for lunch.  After looking over the soup and salad bar I decided to order off the menu.  It was Friday, the dishes on the salad bar were mostly laced with some type of sea food, which is not my favorite.

I took a chance on the Beef Enchiladas, one of the "Weekly Specials."

They were very large and had nice chunks of very tender beef.  You can get an idea of their size by using the Tabasco sauce bottle as a gauge.

I ate and ate, they were heavy and had a wonderful flavor.  Great meal.

HERE is a link to a PDF presentation of the ACC Club in Taipei.

Hope you can make the Memorial Day observance next Monday, see you there.

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