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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matador Missiles Stand Ready at Tainan Air Base in 1958

Guild Fetridge served his Taiwan tour at Tainan Air Base, assigned to the 868 Tactical Missile Squadron.
Guild's photographs were taken 54 years ago....

Buildings in the US area of Tainan Air Base when Guild arrived in January 1958. 

As you can see, these old huts were constructed of the highest quality Bamboo.....

Another view of the old buildings in the early days at Tainan Air Base.

     "We bunked in the huts when we I first arrived at Tainan AB.  After a few months the Air Force deemed these huts and our living conditions were less than appropriate and all personnel were permitted to move off base, residing in either hostels or finding living quarters with Taiwanese families.  I met and lived with a wealthy family on Cheng Kang Lu for two years. I have many photos of those days."

Here, some of the new construction in the US portion of Tainan AB which was completed in 1958.

More photos of this construction on Tainan Air Base can be found HERE.

.  Looks like the new US Base Headquarters down the street with flags flying.

Read more about the History of the US Air Force in Taiwan in 1958.

2 September 1958.   6214th Air Base Group at Tainan AS moved into their new headquarters building.  The 868th Tactical Missile Squadron moved into a new building at the same time.

Matador TM-61C missiles in storage on the revetments adjacent to the Tainan Air Base flight line.

A Matador TM-61C Missile on display during a holiday air show on the Tainan AB flight line.

Pre-launch activities going on with a large group  of Taiwanese military officers looking on.

 Missile personnel conduct pre-launch check-lists.

Actual  launching of a TM-61C Martin Matador Surface-to-Surface Nuclear Guided Missile at Tainan Air Base in 1959.

A F-100 Super Sabre would fly over the area 20 seconds after launch acting as a chase aircraft.

Guild sitting in a pedicab outside of Tainan Air Base in 1959.


PHDracing said...

Served in the 868th at Tainan, in 1960 and a little bit of 61. But I was mostly at the remote guidance sites a Kouchung and then Mahgong. Your pix brought back memories/

A/1c Homer Felknor

Marty pottgether said...

I served in the 6214th support group at Tainan air base in 1959-1960. ( project seaweed). The picture of the water tower is where my barracks was. Great memories.