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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Remembering CCK as it looked in 1969

Clarence Spohn spent his Taiwan tour at CCK in the late 1960s. He recently sent me a number of his base photographs, taken at various locations around CCK. These are really nice photographs.

I have featured Clarence's photos in a couple of earlier posts to this blog.

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6217th Supply Squadron Airman's Dormitory, building K-245, located on 3rd Street, on northeast corner of 3rd and and "B"Streets.  This is where I lived for most of my time at CCK.
Photographed April 8, 1969.

The base's two tennis courts with "E" Street in foreground, photographed from near the intersection of "E" Street and Exchange Blvd.  The lights of the base's Softball Fields can be seen behind the Tennis Courts.  Low building at right of center was the Billeting Office, the building at the right is the back of the Officer's Club.  Hangers and buildings along flight line are visible in distance at left.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

Swimming Pool (K-278), E" Street in foreground.  In background the Hand Ball court can be seen under construction.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

Building K-2251, one of two Airman's Dining or Chow Halls, Exchange Blvd in foreground.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

Navy Exchange located on Exchange Blvd. with bus stop in center of boulevard.  The building seen at left and behind the Navy Exchange is the back of the Base Library which fronted on 5th Street. Photographed April 8, 1969.

Post Office and Mail Room, building K-358.  To the left of the Post Office is the back of the Theater; the spire of the Chapel can be seen to the right of the Theater.  The corner of the building at the far right was the Navy Exchange Annex which housed the Photo Shop, Travel Service, Wrapping and Crating service, Barber Shop, etc.  Between the Post Office and the NEX Annex can be seen the back of the Bank and Embassy Shop (building  K-353), and to its right the back of the Library.  "E" Street in foreground. Photographed April 8, 1969.

 Base Theater, building K-356, advertised on the marque is “For A Few Dollars More” with Clint Eastwood.  The theater was located on “G” Street at the intersection of “G” and “E” Streets.  The building at the left was the Education Office, building K-355.  Note the bus stop in front of the Education Office.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

CCK Bowling Lanes, building K-354.  In the foreground is “G” Street; the Bowling Alley was located at the corner of “G” and 5th Streets.  The walkway in the foreground lead to the Chapel.  The base’s Control Tower can be seen at the far right in the distance.
Photographed April 8, 1969.

Base Chapel, building K-315, with the Water Tower at left.  “G” Street in foreground. Photographed April 8, 1969.

The building in the center was the Base Library, building K-352, the “Tape Center” was located in the same building.  The building at right was the American Express Bank and the “American Embassy Shop,” both were located in building K-353.  5th Street is in the foreground; at the far left is the back of the Navy Exchange, in the distance are the hangers on the flight line.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

View of Perimeter Road looking east toward the Base Supply compound.  The photograph was taken just below the intersection of 5th Ave. & Perimeter Rd.  Barracks K-320 can be seen at the far right in the foreground.  The large warehouses in the Supply Compound are visible above the barracks’ roofs at right of center.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

6217th Supply Squadron’s Headquarters and office of the Chief of Supply, building K-531, the photograph was taken from the north of Perimeter Road end of the building.  7th Street is in the foreground and separated the office building from the warehouses which were located across the street.  Photographed April 8, 1969

6217th Supply Squadron’s Warehouse or Material Facilities, viewed from the Perimeter Rd. end of the supply compound.  7th Street in foreground; Photographed April 8, 1969.

 6217th Supply Squadron’s Headquarters and office of the Chief of Supply, building K-531.  7th Street is on the right, view of building looking toward Perimeter Road in distance at right. The railroad ran behind the high fence seen to the left of the building.  Photographed April 8, 1969.

Front view of the Officer’s Club, building K-267, located on 3rd Street. 
Photographed June of 1969.

Possibly a view of “G” Street, barracks on left, chapel in distance at left of center.  The building to the right of center is the side of the Base Theater, one of the buses that ran from base to downtown Taichung can be seen at right behind 2 palm trees.  Photographed June 1969.

July 4, 1969 Commander’s Pedicab Race. 
The race started in front of the bowling alley on “G” Street.  The walkway to the base chapel is seen at the left in photo; barracks K-325 is seen at left of center.

 July 4, 1969 Commander’s Pedicab Race.

Colonel Albert W. Jones, Wing Commander [12 Oct 1968 - 15 July 1970] 314th Tactical Airlift Wing, PACAF. Photograph taken on “E” Street, Swimming Pool building at left with the Hand Ball court under construction just behind and to its right.

July 4, 1969 Commander’s Pedicab Race.

Colonel Thomas J. Rogers, Base Commander, 314th Tactical Airlift Wing, PACAF. 
Same location as above photograph.

July 4, 1969 Commander’s Pedicab Race.

Colonel Holliday, SAC Commander and winner of race. 
Same location as photos above.

Sgt “Stub” Branham having a hot dog, July 4, 1969, purchased off of portable Hot Dog Cart stationed near Navy Exchange.  “E” Street at right, looking toward Central Blvd., shops and hangers along flight line in distance.
  A1C “Chuck” Rogers with our houseboy nicknamed “Duck” in front of 6217th Supply Squadron’s Airmen’s Barracks K-245.  “Duck” was the houseboy for the lower north bay of the barracks.  We paid a nominal monthly fee for his services which included cleaning the bay, making our beds, etc.  For a candy bar or a pack of cigarette on the side he would also shine our shoes and do our laundry.  Photographed June 1969.

Patio of base Swimming Pool with chairs and tables.
left to right – A1C Clarence Spohn and TSgt Robert L. Mitchell.
Photographed July 1969.

Thank you Clarence Spohn for sending these wonderful photographs for all CCK Veterans to see.

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john m said...

I was in supply from 12/67-12/68. I enjoyed the pictures. Col. Wilson was our sqdrn Comdr.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bricker,
314FMS FAB/SURVIVAL SHOP 6/69-9/70. I took some of the same shots. Trying to fine a picture of the Hot Dog Cart that was on base.