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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kaohsiung Military Clubs

We had a story on the blog last month about the, Sea Dragon Club in Kaohsiung.

Recently, Scott Ellinger was in contact with a US Navy officer who took many color photographs in Kaohsiung, while his ship was visiting on a port call. Here are two of his color photos.  I will post more of his beautiful photos shortly.
One of his photos, seen below, was titled, Officer's Club on the Roof.

The photo looks familiar to the photo we posted last month about the Sea Dragon Club.
I put the 2 photos side by side and they seemed to be the same building.

Please get out your magnifying pieces and give me your opinion.  Are they the same place?
A closer view of the Barber Shop next door. Photo courtesy of E. Putnam circa 1954.
 Photo courtesy of E. Putnam circa 1954.
The club in the above photo, couldn't have been open very long when this photo was taken.

Photo courtesy of Scott Ellinger circa 1966

Same building?
Please leave your thoughts in a Comment below.

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