Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Tainan Photographs from 1967-1969 Time Period

This water tower was taken down sometime after we pulled out.  Probably needed to much maintenance.

Captain Ralph Henricks' Taiwan assignment was spent on Tainan Air Base as the Base Procurement Officer He sent over a large group of beautiful photos to share with everyone.

A number of these photos were taken from the top of the old water tower while it was undergoing repair work. His water tower photos are one of kind.

The first group of his photos begin HERE.

I have many more to add to this group and will update this Blog as they are added.


Corrections, ID of buildings, anything else, please leave a comment below or email me.


jim nelson said...

to ralph hendricks, my name is jim nelson. i was with the army engineers(802nd eng.)and i helped build the water tank in the can reach me at

Anonymous said...

Wow, these great pictures really help bring the old base back to life for those of us who were once stationed there. Thanks Ralph!

A few things that struck me: In the first page of photos, the top photo shows the US and ROC flags in the right center. The base hqs building is just this side of the flagpole, with its roof just visible through the trees. And the large white building across the street was the base hospital. In the next photo, which mainly shows the motor pool, I believe that's the base's lone assigned aircraft on the flight line toward the right side of the frame (there were also USAF F-4s on the base, but they belonged to a detachment of a fighter wing at Clark AB, PI). The T-33 has orange dayglo flashes and appears to have the canopy open. That trainer was often used by the base commander, and perhaps by other rated officers, to maintain flying proficiency. In the next shot, with the theater in the center, the base dining hall is the green building on the right and I think that's the steeple of the chapel just behind it. The building in the left foreground, with only the roof showing, was probably the NEX cafeteria. On the third page of photos, the black-and-white at center bottom (with the pickup truck and the Japanese bunker) shows the perimeter wall at the southeast corner of the US base; the rectangular building at the right was the rear of the base comm center, and I would guess the stack to the left was attached to the incinerator. I'm not sure what the smaller building closer to the camera was, but the AFNT studio and the American Express bank were both in that area.

rick slater said...

I am still waiting patiently for the recent found expats of the 6214th SPS, (of which we have 55 guys +) to air their memories from Capt. Henrick's photo album. That 1st page after the water tower, when I got there in spring of '72, I wonder if they kept building easterly. As what this picture shows, looking NNE. The tree line, middle foreground, I guess was Ta-Tung-Lu. The main North-South corridor.And that T-33 with orange day-glo, that Les D. remarked the QSA (405th TAW), there was a lone, simply USAF grey, T-33 trainer, that was parked, just outside the gate of the QSA, which officers would fly almost every day. That was until the 2 or 4 F-4C's came in with their sidewinders, sparrows and 20mm Vulcan Cannon.

khima said...

t33 and f5a in the 2nd photo,
f4c, kc135, and others in the 3rd.

rick slater said...

In the 3rd photo, with Air Asia, prominent in the left corner of photo. Can see a USAF cameo F-4, and a couple cameo F-105 ThunderChiefs (Tails), and out on the flight line , way left corner, 4-5 , Lockheed, EC-121 Warning Stars. Neat photo !