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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taiwan News Video in English

 Formosa News Logo

Many who read this Blog are not familiar with "Formosa News" a news site which delivers a number of Taiwan News stories each day in English.

Let me help you hook up with this site and guide you through the steps to watch the various daily videos.

HERE is the Formosa News site,  click on the news site.

The web site opens on the Formosa News Home Page.

You will notice a number of articles, each paragraphed alone.

To watch the video on any of the subjects, CLICK on the subject line of the article.

The video will pop up, but will not begin to play until you click on the bottom left of the video.

The video will download in a few moments and automatically begin playing.  If it does not start, just click on the right pointing arrow on the bottom of the video.

Watch the video, when it closes, you can then choose another subject from the list on the right hand side of your screen called, "Other News."

After clicking on a new subject, the story you just watched will disappear and the new story will appear in the upper left side of your screen.   When you see the Video box, double click on the lower left side of the video box, which will then load the video and you must then click again on the right facing arrow to get the video to play.

Lots of steps to watch the news videos, but, they are in English and I believe these may be the only English language news videos available in Taiwan.

Were you able to view the videos?


titojohn said...

Kent, I can read the news stories in English, but the video part does not work for me. I turned off popup blockers, and tried Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers on two different computers. Perhaps the video only works with Taiwan IP addresses (?) Regards, John

titojohn said...

The video on this site is now working. Perhaps the site's video was disabled for maintanance when I first tried to use the site.
Thanks for info on this site.