Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you Considered a Return to Taiwan Visit

Many of you who read this Blog have ties to this beautiful country.

We have put together a two week visit to Taiwan beginning in early November 2011.

Have you considered returning to Taiwan, visiting the old places to see what's happened since you left?  You should consider coming along with us in November.

We will travel around the island, taking in many of the sights, some of the old bases and best of all, experiencing a tour with other "old hands" that once called Taiwan home during their assignments.

Everyone has a story, imagine the stories you will hear along the way as our bus makes its way around the island.

Beautiful Formosa, Taiwan, those words are so true.  You may have missed the beauty of Taiwan when you were here last time, come along on our tour and experience the beauty of this wonderful country.

And the food....Ummmmm.  

You can read about our trip and get the details HERE, look just below the US Flag for trip details.

To make the visit complete, you might want to watch this Taiwan Tourism Bureau new video on visiting the island, watch it HERE.    

Don't miss out on coming back this year.  You'll be with friends all the way.  It will be fun and exciting for all.

Have a great summer.  Hope to see you in the fall.

Here are words left on our "Guest Book" from the last 4 folks who signed in.

"Initially, I lived in the TAS dorm and worked downtown at the HSA East Compound. Later, was TDY all over the island but lived in Chia-Yi and Taichung Hostels. The best time of my life was in Taiwan!"

"I enjoyed the web site. Tainan was the best assignment of my 21 years in the USAF. Met and married my wife in Tainan. My son was born in Father Fox Hospital in Tainan. Now that we are both retired plan on going to Taipei every year. Just sent 3 months there Mar 2-May 25,2011 much has changed but it is still great. Will go back in Sep 2012. Would like to hear from others that were at Tainan."
"I spent 4 yrs with the AF at TAS. Then 20 years Navy, with two subsequent assignments in Kaohsiung and Taipei. I became a linguist and spent lots of time in Taiwan. The pictures of Taipei Air Station brought back memories. I'm sure I'll correspond with you soon and exchange information. I even attended National Taiwan Normal University, not far from TAS. I think anyone who was stationed on Taiwan, at anytime will have memories for the rest of their lives. A great place to have lived."
"CCK was my first duty assignment. Of course, at the time I hated it, I wanted to be in the States. But, I did make the most of it, went on several tours, and did enjoy the tour (Though I would never admit it to my fellow workers). CCK has been in my memories for 41 years, glad I got the assignment, and Yes, I would do it again if the Powers allowed. CCK: Thanks for the memories."
Give it some thought, consider coming along with us in November......



Anonymous said...

I have considered returning to Tainan, Taiwan for a visit just to see what it was like. I spent almost 3 years(1962-1964) in Tainan and was TDY from thier on accasion. One of the best tours of duty with friendly people and beautyful mountain village that we visited. I know that time was as issue as it was a time that we were isolated in no where's land. I remember their was only two places to eat, NCO club down town and the mess hall. Exceptions were a special 10 to 12 course meal put on by wife of Chiang-Kai-Shek. At that time it was stinky, hot, humid, lots of bugs and snakes when the rains came. Cloths were inexpensive to have made and local rice wine was all we could drink down town.

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