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Monday, July 25, 2011

CCK Welcome Booklet

Here is the cover of the USAF CCK Welcome Booklet published around 1970.  

Clarence Spohn who was stationed at CCK from December 1968 through March 1971 sent over a complete copy of the booklet.  Lots of information and photos that will bring back memories I'm sure.

 Here is that same building pictured on the booklet cover above. This photo was taken a few months ago.

The building now houses the ROCAF CCK Museum. The building was completely remodeled and additional wings have been added.  It is an interesting and informative museum to visit.

The US Footsteps Museum, highlighting USAF history on CCK opened a short time ago and it is housed in the old Base Chapel, which was also completely remodeled.

You can go through the Welcome Booklet beginning - HERE. 

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