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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fried Rice Specials at the Magambo Club

Ernest Ellis, whose father was an Air Policeman stationed at Tainan during 1961-1963 wrote recently asking for help in tracking down a recipe for a couple of famous dishes the Magambo Club featured on their menu during the early 1960s.
Ernest, who graduated from High School in Tainan, had a few thoughts on those days in Tainan.

The Magambo club manager was Joe Demarest, who was close friends with Ernest's Dad and a MSgt Ryan, Ryan was also in the Air Police Unit at Tainan.  

When we got to Tainan, the high school was downtown in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce building.  Then they constructed a new school out by the so called 9 House Compound area. 

We lived at first over by the college area, then moved over to the 9 House Compound area.  

The Base Commander was a fellow by the name of Deaton.  He had a daughter who attended school with me, she later became a nurse, was in the military, retiring as a Colonel.  

The Officer's Club manager was a Major McCormick, who's son was also in school with me.  

We stayed at Tainan AB for three years, I came home and joined the military, and stayed in the Army a little over 20 years.

Once on R&R from Nam, I went back to see some old friends in Tainan and had a look at the old areas I once knew so well.  I took the train from Taipei to Tainan, not the old No Sweat airline.  

I was in Taiwan when President Kennedy was killed.  It was a Saturday morning, a SGT Parker told me, and I rode with him out to tell my Dad.  The base was on full alert and everyone needed to get back to Tainan Air Station.

I am wondering if anyone might have the recipe for either of these two dishes served at the Magambo:

Fried rice combination plate, served with gravy
Chicken fried rice with peanuts, served with gravy.

I don't know about you, but that Chicken fried rice with peanuts and gravy sounds really good!
Anyone else remember these dishes?


walt little said...

u reminded me No sweat i flew in those curtis trash haulers with chi nat pilots I can't begin to spell it but "Mayo Quanchi" is close

Anonymous said...

I'm Don McCormick, Major McCormick's son (see above). I remember Ernie very well, we even hooked up again later on at Seymour Johnson AFB in NC. Don't have the recipes but I sure remember the Saturday (or was it Sunday) Jam sessions at the Magambo and the fried rice.

MuchTrouble said...

Dang! I'm the former Mary Wanamaker...This must be some kind of reunion! I was also in high school over there, and remember both guys well. I don't have the recipes either, but remember the great food. Don, I think the jam sessions were Sunday afternoons,,,but don't quote me...I'm getting old! LOL

jane said...

I go way back to the fifties in Tainan! My father was stationed there and my family joined him..We were the first families to live in the "nine house compound"...there was no highschool..we were tutored and the second year we were there we had a school house built, such as it was! Lots of great memories. I want to take my husband to see Tainan...any suggestions for tours? Thx jm