Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What's on the Tainan Flight Line Today

Photo Courtesy of Jim Nelson

This photograph was taken circa 1958-1959 at Tainan Air Base.

It looks like an A-26 or is it a B-26 parked along the Air Asia fence.

You can also see a C-47 inside Air Asia and a couple of aircraft down the flight line.

Can someone help identify all of the aircraft in this photograph.


Rick said...

Believe the foreground is a Martin CB-26 Marauder and the backround, single engine exhaust is an F-80 Shooting Star with no wingtanks

Anonymous said...

Hi! I find the General Lee Chennault in google. And there was a news about the movement of the statue. It is in Xinsheng Park(105, section 3, Hsin Sheng North road, Taipei). You may go with MRT(green line) to Yuanshan station and walk about 20mins to the park. Hope this message is useful. Y.C. Hsu from National Taiwan Museum.